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Writing should be smart? Certainly not! From brain function used. Writing emphasizes the use of right brain, language skills. Distinguishes it from the left hemisphere useful as the ability to logic.

What is required? If asked to the author then the answer is courage. Courage is the willingness to maximize every word, giving it meaning so that it can be enjoyed by the reader.

Very well-informed, it makes writing richer. Not sidetracked by the illusion of mastering the chronology of time. But do not be too proud to make the reading intimidated and lose the comfort. Intelligence as a power can be a weakness if misunderstood, especially if not understood by the reader. Do not forget the punctuation! The point and the comma are important! Do not torture others with long sentences.


Lastly, sit down and do! Dont think to much! Why? If weighing too many good and bad will make any idea lost. No need to conduct in-depth research, no need to have a quality reviewer, just sit down and do!

Writing it does not need to be smart. So why hesitate to try? Let's do it, while studying. The author himself is not a smart person, even many famous authors are not smart people. Here it takes only courage, a little bit. Further maturity will guide you by itself.

"Indeed when the body is imprisoned, my mind is free to wander. Visiting foreign countries. Fighting beside the sultans, conferring with the emperors, riding a horse on the Mongol steppe, splitting the giant jungle of Africa, and looking at the Bophorus strait, or chatting in the city of Sevilla. "

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