let's know about ramadan

3년 전

It is Ramadan month of Arabi calender. In this month,muslims all over the world starve for whole day and remain safe from all bad works.Our Allah has given this month to us to burn all the bad works we done in past as fire burns all rubbish.Starvation save us from all kinds of bad work. Allah has said that if anyone starve and remain far from all kinds from all bad works, Allah will reward him the ownership of a garden of heaven.In this month we starve from dawn to dusk. We eat anything before sunshine. then we don't eat anything whole day. again we eat after sun set . and whole day we remain far from all bad works.

while we eat after sunset we eat with our family or many friends together. it helps us to strengthen our bonding.

as we starve all the day we can feel the sorrows of a hungry man. then we set our mind to feed the unfeed.

it is the most happy month for a muslim. so remain happy all day long. it helps our mind to be refresh.

let's eat a meal after sunshine. a great recreation you can enjoy.

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