Why HARD FORK 20 is a failure! [Everyone will agree on this]



Finally, after four days of the recent Hard Fork, I'm able to make some posts. I should keep it short because I am only allowed to do 1-2 comment which means the post length should not be big.


  • Seems discouraging for small authors
  • The model canot attract new users
  • Lesser engagement in the community
  • The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer

After the hf20 I was like WTF! can't do anything. It reminded me back of those days when my account was pending and I used to visit this site as a guest. lmao! The problem is; we don't have the freedom to upvote and post as we used to have. This makes lesser interaction in the new users. They claim it as social media and don't let us interact. Imagine the nightmare if Instagram said, "So, basically we've got an update and so you new guys can do only one comment and 5 likes a day".

This is very discouraging. We can't grow. This obstructs both the website and small authors to grow. Basically, none sees our posts because we're new and don't have followers. Most of the quality posts made my newcomers get unseen. The only way for us to grow is to make good comments in the posts of Big guys and hoping for them to see our profile. Before the hf20, I made 60 comments in the first three days and only a few of those comments were noticed and only 2-3 people viewed and interacted to my posts. Then there's the nightmare after the update where we can only post one comment a day.

Even though there's very less probability, I hope someone sees this.

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Everyone will agree on this...

Hell no . No! I do NOT agree.

I'm so sick of those meaningless countless "1 word (4-6 characters) + smiley" comments.
Zerro value. Useless.
Finally we will get rid of all that junk.

Every move has it's cost. Be ready to pay your bills.

There is no free lunch in this world.


I know dear grandpa. The problem of bots. I've hated them too. I've not been more disappointed when I see that there's a new comment on my post and it turns out to be a bot. You're already famous it wouldn't matter to you tho but from the point of view of new accounts, it has gotten more difficult to be noticed in the community. We have no followers and nobody sees our posts. I'm not much of a writer but it's not just about me it is about those great prospects giving very best articles and still getting unnoticed, feeling discouraged and sad. But I believe as time passes things will start getting normal and kids like me will undrstand how hard work is there before money.


Yes, there was some disturbance the first few days after HARDFORK. Even Orca's and Dolphins could do not much the first 48 hours. That is the price we all got to pay for a drastic changes leading to a better future.

I see that even you tiny 15 SP let you do a modest qty of upvotes and comments:

19 comments or 110 upvotes. Right?
This is for 15 SP.
Just put another $15 out of your pocket to your SteemPower, and these figures probably will DOUBLE in no time

If network computation resources have it's price, someone got to pay for that, right?
I truly believe that asking EVERYBODY to pay of this cost proportionally to their usage is a FEAR thing.
Unless someone will be capable to prove me wrong.

And please do not call me grandpa. Please.
I do not yet have even one single grand-child.

I get the problems with the HF, you and many others have pointed out and I agree. But lacking in the discourse is any real solution to the very real bot problem, that games the system and steals from us all.. I also see you, and many others comparing steemit to twitter and I find the comparision quite ridiculous. They are both social media platforms but the similarities end right there.. all in all I commend steemit for addressing a very real problem, and that is the theft and lack of qualitu content, and massive spam by bot accounts


I agree but look how hard it has made us to grow?

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