A Lesson In Decentralization: @aggroed and Steem Engine

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@aggroed is back in the Top 20. Congratulations to him and to the community.

After losing the massive Witness vote of Freedom/Pumpkin, a call to action went out. Aggroed went from one of the higher ranked Witnesses to being outside the Top 20.

It is long been accused that the only way to be a Top 20 Witness is to have the powerful vote from that one account. This made some people leery of how decentralized the blockchain is. Like most things, I feel this will be taken care of in time yet it is still occasional fodder.

The situation yesterday showed how we are moving to decentralization on so many different levels. Aggroed is now a Top 20 Witness without the Witness vote from Freedom. The community stepped up and used its SP to place him there.

Ned was on @pennsif's show yesterday and he stated how important it is for all accounts to vote. This includes even the smallest of ones. Witness votes are very important. One might think it does not matter yet when you add it all up, it does. I implore accounts of all sizes to use those Witness votes. If you do not feel qualified, go in and proxy your vote to someone more knowledgeable.

The situation that occurred with Aggroed can be duplicated. There is enough SP out there among the community to get things done. That is the entire basis for decentralized platforms.

Speaking of decentralization, we saw another platform released that is outside of Steemit Inc. This deals with token creation and, eventually, an exchange.



This is a project put together by Aggroed and @yabapmatt in partnership with @harpagon. With the delay in SMTs, these members decided to establish a place where applications and individuals could create tokens. The alternative was having them go to Ethereum and creating their tokens using ERC20.

One of the nice features is the interface which is NOT technical in nature. Designing token in a smart contract can be rather overwhelming to us no techies. This eliminates that hassle. It is easy to use while simplifying the process. This provides token creation capabilities to anyone.

ERC20 was a goldmine for Ethereum. One of the main reasons is because it standardized the tokens. Steem Engine looks to do the same thing but tied to this blockchain. Unlike Ethereum, this is not written into the Steem blockchain. Again, this is a project outside Steemit Inc. Instead, it uses a side chain to tie into the blockchain.

This is not a replacement for Smart Media Tokens. That is still, as far as I know, on Steemit's to do list. SMTs will replicate the features and functionality of STEEM. That will be coded into the chain. Steem Engine is providing a solution for those who need a token while awaiting SMTs and for those who have use cases which will not be satisfied by SMTs.

Full details can be found in their introduction article.


There is also an in depth FAQ page that I recommend on their website. It explains what the platform is along with the ENG token.


@inertia did a review of the project along with asking the founders some questions. He really delved deep into what is taking place to draw some conclusions. Basically, his article covered the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly as it pertains to this project (fortunately, there wasn't anything in the ugly).

It is a fair assessment with what is taking place along with some logical conclusions.


These two situations show the power of the Steem community. The ability to decentralize is in our hands. There are enough developers on here who are doing things moving us in that direction. We see projects popping up that are filling in gaps. While we are still relying upon Steemit Inc, the situation is much different than it was in November. Even Steemit Inc appears to be ceding some power over and reaching outside itself for assistance.

I cannot stress this enough. What we are involved in is a process. Things will not happen overnight. This is a grass roots platform that is being built from the ground up. It is also being done without huge money from the outside. We also have an absence of hype. Each day we are adding to our accomplishment enabling us to stand on merit. No need to fluff. We have Exhibit A-Z to let people prove our point.

Thank you all for allowing me to be a small part of what is taking place.

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I think this new steem-engine is going to be a very big deal. I have created my own token called the STEEM Food Token (FOOD) that I will be distributing to winners of my weekly restaurant review contest (@steemfoodtours) the possibilities are becoming endless on this blockchain. Very exciting times and brilliant work from @aggroed @yabapmatt and @harpagon!

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Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here: https://steemit.com/dustsweeper/@dustsweeper/dustsweeper-faq

The great thing is that the distribution of Steem Power continues to improve as the middle class continues to grow stronger. I cannot see the trend stop given the momentum that is here and the fact that so much Steem remains at exchanges!

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I agree @newageinv. I do not see the trend stopping any time soon. There are more people who are on here now actively participating and earning STEEM. This will only grow over time. It seems the lower end accounts have not taken advantage of the low STEEM price of late; that slowed down.

Perhaps another leg down in the price will stimulate some smaller accounts to buy.

ERC20 was a goldmine for Ethereum. One of the main reasons is because it standardized the tokens. Steem Engine looks to do the same thing but tied to this blockchain. Unlike Ethereum, this is not written into the Steem blockchain. Again, this is a project outside Steemit Inc. Instead, it uses a side chain to tie into the blockchain.

To clarify:

SteemEngine does use Steem as the ledger on which all transactions are published on. Only the verification of said transactions is not done by Steem nodes but other servers. Anyone, however, can set up a node and start verifying those transactions.


Can you "mine" ENG tokens as a reward for verification?


I'm not one of the creators of Steem Engine. You'd better ask @aggroed and the others whose project that is for details. But it would stand to reason, of course, that you'd get your rewards as tokens of some description.


Thank you for adding that clarification for us. It makes more sense now.

I was referring to the coding being on the blockchain itself but It now seems a bit confusing the way I wrote it.

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Glad to hear this as he deserve to be in the top 20

Oh boy, did't know it's already functioning! Now thinking about @tipU tokens...
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