Is @dlike Going To Be The Next Reddit???

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This article is the result of a discussion with azmausa on Discord. He is the entrepreneur behind @dlike.


In that conversation, he revealed some of his plans that are forthcoming. From a wide angle perspective, Reddit is the social media site that the @dlike team would like to siphon traffic away from.

Reddit promoted itself as the "Front Page of the Internet" for years. This was a fairly successful approach. While I cannot say if it achieved that end, I can state that there are a ton of people who go there on a daily basis just to get their information. These people do not post but, rather, simply use the links to catch up on their particular areas of interest.

In fact, I am one of them. I have a Reddit account that I haven't used in years. Yet I am on there daily going through the different technology related sub-reddits.

The last time I looked, Reddit has around 450M accounts with 250M MAU (monthly active users). This is a fairly large entity to target.

Reddit, of course, is mostly a site that just posts links. There are comment sections for each post which can get fairly in-depth. I would say that community does a good job engaging in conversation. Also, there are a few self-reddits which are the equivalent to a post on here although often much shorter.

Overall, I would say this is a great area for @dlike to focus attention.

There are a number of advantages to @dlike over Reddit. The first is the layout of the site. Reddit is a text site mostly. When you go to @dlike, it looks more like Pinterest with the photos from each link. Also, one can upload photos or memes which are displayed without having to click on a link.

From what I understand, there is a mobile application, for Android I believe, in the works and close to release. Also, there is talk of implementing a news feed of some sort which will automatically post pertinent news information from around the world. Personally, I think this is a great way to develop a following outside of present Steemians.

If you saw their post yesterday, you came across this:


The team implemented a "Refer a Friend" program which will pay the person referring another Dlike coins for each post made. The payout is 5 Dlikes per post.

Getting started is easy, simply log onto your account and enter the name of the person referring you.


Also, if the person is new to @dlike, or even better, to STEEM, he or she can use a referral link that is provided.

Mine is:

If you have not logged onto @dlike, I would really appreciate anyone reading these words to use me as a referral.

So how about Reddit? Is this a realistic outcome?

Naturally, saying that a STEEM-based application is going to take out a site that is widely successful and was so for the past decade is a bit presumptive. Reddit has done a wonderful job building a following which appears loyal.

That said, the fact that @dlike offers incentive to people posting, like all applications on the STEEM blockchain, is a big advantage. There was talk of Reddit implementing different things but STEEM is in operation already. Also, unlike the traditional social media sites like Reddit, @dlike is not siloed. Using @dlike enables one to use every other application on the STEEM blockchain. Signing up for @dlike means joining the STEEM ecosystem.

Another thing that I found is that the @dlike team is intent on providing an application that is feature-rich. There is a lot of things that are going to be added over the next few months. The goal is to really gear up for the release of the Smart Media Token protocol. The Dlike coin will be one of the first tokens created using this protocol if all goes well.


One of the primary focuses at this time is to get coins in the hands of as many people as possible. Like most coins, spreading them out among a large user base is crucial. This method of distribution here is consistent: keep giving them away. There are regular contests for photos posted in different categories. People get tokens for posting not only links or photos but also commenting. There is also a 1:1 delegation program: earned daily, paid weekly.

When it comes to "moats", Reddit doesn't have a very strong one. Yes, they have the advantage of being successful for a long time and a dedicated user base that is in the hundreds of millions. This cannot be argued. However, the basic premise of the site is really just links to other stories of interest. This is easily duplicated.

Right now, to prevent spammers, @dlike limits each account to 5 posts a day. There is no limit, however, to the number of comments one can make.

For the last few months, I was telling smaller accounts to focus upon the applications. There are upvotes given by the host account (@dlike and the 25K power does this too) which helps one to earn STEEM. Also, the payout in the SMT (to be) token will have some value upon release. Even if it is used to amass more STEEM, now is a good time to do it.

I just want to remind everyone that supporting applications on STEEM only enhance the chance of the ecosystem becoming more valuable. It will only take one application to break through and garner the attention of the masses. Something like @dlike is very easy to use while offering up good rewards at this time. In my mind, this is worthy of some support.

If you have not done so, please give this application a look.

If you found this article informative, please give it an upvote and resteem.

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I saw other reports that likened dlike to pinterest, I didn’t have that experience. If you have any links to tutorials on how to use the site, they would be appreciated.

I use actifit and steemhunt often and would love to add dlike yo my list of apps.


Dlike is very easy to use, that's one of it's great advantages. Unlike steemit, people don't need to know lots of things to start using it, enjoying it and earning tokens (and SP).


Im definitely going to try it.

Thank you for your attention and support.

Awesome. I am going to work on a series of posts explaining different dapps and I will certainly reference this post. Thank you!

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Like you, I have a reddit account but haven't used it in years. It is definitely a great place for keeping up to date with certain news. Would be very cool if @dlike turned out to be a good reddit alternative and ends up bringing more users onto the platform. Will check it out with your referral link!

I've never used dlike but I'm going to try it out pretty soon. I think instead of blogging I am going to start using some of the dapps instead.

Any thoughts on how much the price of the coin will be worth when the SMT is released? $0.01? $0.001? That's an issue in which I'm really holding a lot of curiosity.


I have spent time wondering that, @jeezzle, about a number of coins released via SMT. And I can honestly tell you I have no idea. Most ICO seems to start at $.10 and work their way up to $.15 or more. Yet we know this is not the market setting the price and they often collapse once they start live trading.

My personal model is just to amass as many tokens as I can. I have no idea which apps will excel on here, or even survive. To me, each coin is like a lottery ticket. Now I am just trying to get into as many different lotteries as I can. 😀


Well if I delegate 10000 SP to dlike, that's 100,000 dlike tokens every 10 days. If the coin comes out a $0.10 that's $10,000 every 10 days right?

I wish dtube had something like that.


Yes it would be. I wouldnt bet on $.10 personally with tokens going live on an exchange. The market tends to not see pricing as rosy as the developers like to set their targets during ICOs.

But yes, whatever the price, at that delegation, you would be getting 100K dlike every 10 days....I am not sure how long it will be kept up, but if it continues to March at that pace, 5 months of delegation would get you 1.5M coins.

I dont imagine it would require too many pennies per before you are talking some real money.


no, there is zero idea what the price of tokens will be. There are 800 000 000 I believe so my guess ould be 0.0001. Dont forget, SMTs need ro backed by Steem.
Butmplease xome andmplay on DLike , its excellent :-)


I plan to check it out this week.

The amount of applications with the ability to not only engage users, but also onboard them after HF20 demonstrates the potential growth and adoption for the ecosystem! It is truly exciting to witness this right now as it also provides an opportunity for someone other than Steemit Inc to incentivize users which could lead to improved retention which itself could lead to activity growth here.


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How do you subscribe to different communities on dlike? I see the option to subscribe for the trending ones, but I can't figure out how to search and do that with specific interests.

I will do a good deed for a person who for a long time only deals with what makes STEEM better. All the same, it is necessary to enter something there.

Сделаю доброе дело для человека, который длительное время только тем и занимаеться, что делает СТЕЕМ лучше. Все равно надо чтото туда вписать.


Highly rEsteemed!

Reaching the level of Reddit or not I´m supporting @dlike the most that I can, I never used Reddit before and that´s probably why I´m so amazed with the concept of @dlike. Imagine 20% of Reddit users jumping on @dlike, that would be 90M users... I´m just saying that 20% sounds very achievable!!