Jobs Are Toast And Steem Providing A Basic Income

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As many of you are aware, I am in the camp that jobs are toast. Over the next decade, we are going to see many industries decimated in terms of employment. This will not be due to recession, although that could be what will kick it off. Instead, it will solely be attributed to automation.



There is a very basic reason for this. If you look at software, it excels at looped behavior. Frankly, this is what it does best. It is nothing more than a glorified merry-go-round.

Of course, the complexity of systems will vary. Riveting in a bolt, leaving the dexterity aspect aside, is a rather simple program. The sensors see the car in front of it which tells the software to exert the arm and put the bolt in. This process keeps repeating itself over and over.

This is obviously a simple example. Let is work up the chain: autonomous vehicles. This is a bit more complex although similar in nature. The present day autonomous vehicles that are in use are on farms or mining sites. We see autonomous vehicles moving material or seeding fields.

On a farm, a seeder has the plot of landed to be seeded. The vehicle moves up and down the rows in an organized fashion. It is a fairly simple process in terms of the variables. The boundaries are marked and there is very little interference.

Obviously, an autonomous vehicle driving through a city is a much different story. There are a lot more variables to deal with. It is one of the main reasons we do not see those cars on the road. While the autonomous technology is there, it is not advanced enough to handle the conditions encountered in city atmosphere.

Nevertheless, when you think about it, driving a car is a repetitive task. In fact, most of us do not think consciously about what we are doing. This was not the case when we first started. Everything had to be thought about. Yet, after a while, many aspects became automatic.

Anything that is repetitive in nature and done "automatically" will be taken over by software. While some believe they are safe, they are mistaken. No matter how complex the job seems, if repetitive it is ideal for the looped behavior of software.

Even decision trees end up falling under the same category. Managers tend to be confronted with similar situations over and over. Once the decision tree is outlined, it is just a matter of "running the program".

Think about your job. How much of what you do is repetitive and suited for software? Ignore the complexity of the total job and focus upon the tasks. Over time, we will see the software expand. Ultimately, it is just a matter of expanding the variables the software can handle.

Many think that it is just the low end jobs that are facing this. Actually, the idea of less fulfilling jobs being replaced by more "meaningful" work is most likely a fantasy too. Consider how we are programmed to operate.

We take someone in their late teens and send him or her to school. Over those next few years, intensive study is done in a particular field. One studies to become a doctor, lawyer, or accountant. After said study period, the person goes out into the world and, with a bit of continuing education, operates on a "looped system". The knowledge gained is applied over and over.

At present, we are seeing radiologist, financial analysts, and accountants all threatened by automation. The software is to the point it can perform as well, if not better, than the human counterparts.

Over time, we will see this process move up the scale.

So where does this leave everyone?

Steem is an example of what will be provided to people in the future. Basic income is getting a lot of consideration by those who are worried about the employment situation down the road. The challenge with this is that it usually entails the government which is creating an even more dangerous state of dependency.


While I would say that Steem does not fit into the classical definition, the idea of a basic income coming from the applications on this blockchain makes sense. Take @actifit as an example. This is an app that pays people for moving around. This is something that most people do throughout their day. While many focus upon exercise, that is not necessarily the case. Walking while shopping counts the activity the same as it does at the gym.

Here is where the basic income idea comes in. Since most people move each day, they now have the opportunity to be rewarded for that. Even if they do the same thing they usually do, with @actifit, they are provided currency. This is not the case right now.

Leaving the Steem blockchain, I wrote in the past about Presearch. This is a token that is given out simply for using their interface to do web searches. Here again, in this age, web searches are a part of people's everyday life. Hopping onto Google or Bing earns the person nothing. Using Presearch, one can earn up to 8 PRE a day (.25 PRE for each search).

As an aside, there is a referral program and if you are not using Presearch, it might be a good idea to. It ties into your favorite search engine since they are working on indexing at the moment. Here is my link.

Over time, I envision a number of other applications showing up on this blockchain that fit into this mode. Even now, we have applications that reward people for what they do on social media anyway. Personally, I can see this as a path for people to compensate for the money lost due to the employment situation. I do believe that each person will be earning 25-50 different tokens a month just for doing things they do today.

This is all part of crypto-economics. Incentivizing or rewarding behavior is going to be the new model. We all watch ads, usually not by choice. The payment to us for our attention is zero. Someone else is making the money. However, going forward, we will see a system where we are paid direct.

As a believer in the Steem blockchain, I see this ecosystem at the core of a lot of what takes place. The idea behind Steem is to tokenize the Internet. This is going to take on added meaning in the future as the physical and digital worlds come together. An application like @dlux-io is already showing how the "realities" are merging.

Many of the issues people discuss today can be solved with cryptocurrency. Steem is a prime example of the possibilities that exist.

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I just seen a Tony Robbins videos talking about this... we are going to see a major shift in 5-10 years. It’s time for people to open there eyes.

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Yeah, we already see with a billion Token giveaway contests, it's clear that humans are starting to adjust to just give away all mode, UBI is coming XD


Really @stackin? Was that on YouTube?

I would be interested in seeing that if you have a link.


It was on yahoo finance yesterday, not sure why I was on yahoo haha . He just talked about jobs going away and Handouts like UBI may be to come.

I envision a future where communities allocate labor until they can become automated. A commune can now start out at square one and evolve at an exponential rate.

At first, growing food isn't that easy, but it becomes automated. Same with building housing, roads, and other infrastructure. Each community will have their own UBI coin. As that community automates more and more jobs the UBI will become worth more because goods/services are being created automatically and there are no leeches tapping the distribution of money.

I can also imagine 100 people in a town/city getting together. Each one of them buys a 3D printer and starts creating specialized parts. Automated transportation takes the parts to where they need to go. Now they have a decentralized factory that makes a very complex product. They all use the same coin and they are all paid according to whatever blockchain politics they desire.

I truly think the future is going to get so weird and out of hand it's not even going to make sense to at least 50% of the population. However, they won't have much reason to care because they'll be taken care of, unlike the exploitative system we trudge through today.


All very interesting point and ones I cannot disagree with @edicted.

The future will get weird, the question is how quickly. If it is within a couple decades, I think many people will be lost. Of course, the slowness of change could mean it takes more than half a century.

Life is truly going to be like a sci-fi film. We cannot imagine some of what will be around in 30-35 years.


Ray Kurzweil has predicted the Singularity will occur in 2045. At that point General Artificial Intelligence will be equal to all human intelligence in the world and will continue the exponential intelligence explosion at a rate the human mind cannot comprehend. It is for that reason Kurzweil, Verner Vinge, and other futurists opine that man is incapable if predicting what happens after that point in time.

When automation displaces all human labor (no serious person can deny this is coming) we will be faced with a critical problem concerning how to distribute resources. Presently we have a three legged stool. Labor, Industry, and finance create a cycle. People exchange their labor for wages and then buy goods from the factories. Factories obtain loans from Finance and then pay them back when laborers buy their goods. And round and round it goes. Remove labor and the two legged stool will fall. Guaranteed Basic Income is one idea being toyed with. Public works, another. No matter what your present ideology may be with regard to capitalism vs. Socialism, they are both about to come under incredible pressure as the technological revolution matures. I do not claim to be clairvoyant with some easy answer. We are about to enter some very challenging times. Exciting to say the least. Good luck everybody.


We are not removing labour. We are automating it, there is no problem, it's easy, people print their own value, just as what is going on here, it works, there will also be no need to buy anything when everything goes to 0 cost. Work is no longer needed for humans, they will be on a holiday instead, they already are in many cases. We are entering some very easy times actually, it's just that people have to update their paradigm that they are living in


When I said "remove labor" it was in the context of my earlier comment concerning "human labor." Yes we are automating labor and that means removing "human labor" from the equation. The current system is dependent on human labor as a component. Remove human labor and this system becomes unsustainable in its present form. I wrote a book titled "Pardon the Disruption. The Future You Never Saw Coming" where several chapters deal with this very topic, in detail. (Still available on Amazon.) I agree with you that we are moving to 0 cost and I agree people need to update their paradigm (hence my comment that existing conflict between capitalism vs. Socialism will become irrelevant). What I do not find persuasive is a sweeping assertion that it will be easy. The level of uncertainty and turmoil we are witnessing all around us, in the current world condition, tells me it will be anything but easy. When the age of reason showed up during the Renaissance, it was not met with a celebration (which it should have), but rather jailing of intellectuals and the Inquisitions conducted in many European nations with witch burning, etc. While our technology has advance exponentially, our social and political institutions have not. They move like a glacier by comparison. My book’s epilogue quote:

"Humanity today is like a waking dreamer, caught between the fantasies of sleep and the chaos of the real world. We have created Star Wars civilization, with Stone Age emotions, medieval institutions and godlike technology. We are terribly confused by the mere fact of our existence, and a danger to ourselves and to the rest of life."
-Edward Osborn Wilson


Thanks for a reply! Speed of change will be interesting to see

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I just looked at your site. You and I have a lot in common. We have many of the same interests in technology and where we are going as a society. We agree way more than we disagree. I will be publishing my book for free on Steemit when I hit 1,000 followers. 56 to go. I am now following your site and look forward to your future entries.

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Oh yeh you got it right there!
There are many things to earn some kind of income from daily activity's, you should go check out!

Time to become a psychiatrist, I guess this is the last job to be taken by AI lol :)

Long live @actifit!!!


Time to become a psychiatrist, I guess this is the last job to be taken by AI lol :)

I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Think of all the open-ended questions and statements AI could pose to help a patient work through their issues:

“What made you feel like that?”

“Can you expand on that?”

“Tell me about your relationship with your father.”

“What else was happening at the same time?”

“What were you thinking about just before you snapped?”

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Good point!

hmm but one thing we have that machines don't yet and wont have for a while is.. hmm, is it called empathy? my english although its my mother language, its terrible!

· is amazing, the CEO is a savage, amazing productive person


It is definitely amazing! I would use it all the time if I had landline internet but I have mobile phone so its in my interest to download the video, which sadly dosnt count as watching it to get some TUBE!

I hope it stays active and that it become successful in the future because it really is a great tool for us to use, and for creators to get paid in a low max supply crypto!

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Steem is really a great way to build up passive income and investing in the new Blockchain technology.
When Steem was around 7-8$ the monthly income was pretty nice!!! Lets hope that we go back there soon!!!

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I think the "death of jobs" has been greatly exaggerated. Sure, automation eliminates jobs but there have always been new industries and new jobs created as well. I don't necessarily see that changing in the near future. Construction equipment no doubt put many people with shovels out of jobs too. It's not that i don't believe that technology will one day replace most labor, it's just that I don't think we are there yet.

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