RT Joins Steem: Is This A Going To Open The Door For Other Media?


In case you did not see it, RT International joined the Steem ecosystem by opening an account.

This is one of the global news outlets with 8 channels around the world. They offer broadcasts in a number of different languages with bases around the world. Their channels are available in 100 countries on 5 continents.

In other words, we are dealing with a serious international news outfit.


This could be the largest media entity to join Steem. While it is not exactly mainstream akin to a Sky or Fox, it is far from an alternative news entity. While they do cover stories that many do not, they have over 100 million viewers around the world which carries some serious weight.

They wrote an introduction post that explains more about their broadcasts.


As is the case with many of these entities, the question of verification always comes up. The RT team was able to validate this is their account via a Tweet.


They were also kind enough to provide one of their live feeds which is on YouTube. Hopefully they will think about using one of the Steem based platforms such as VIMM for this.

The question is does this open up the door for other broadcast entities to follow suit?

We all know that the Steem ecosystem is starting to garner some attention outside the daily active users. While the pace of coverage is a crawl, it is expanding. We are seeing more attention paid to Steem. This is something that will pay dividends down the road.

Broadcasters what eyeballs. It is really that simple. In the blockchain world, Steem has one of the more dedicated communities. We are averaging about 50K accounts daily that transact along with some applications getting hundreds of thousands of visitors a month. We are also seeing progress being made with the likes of @steemhunt and @dlike hosting IEOs.

Word about Steem and Steem based applications is spreading.

Will this bring in other media outlets? Will they see the value in posting their content to Steem? Certainly, it offers the opportunity to further their reach while also monetizing some of that content in a different manner. They also are going to enjoy early adopter status which could give them a leg up on those who do join at a later date.

We are at the beginning stages in a radical shift that is taking place. Much of society is going to be affected and the business world is going to see new avenues to pursue. The Internet obviously changed society in ways we could not imagine when it was first forming. There is a good chance the same thing happens here.

What unfolds over the next decade or so will truly boggle our minds. There are things being worked on that most of us cannot envision even in the slightest. It is truly going to change the world.

It is good to see @rt-international join the Steem ecosystem. Hopefully, more will follow.

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Steem Blockhain has huge potential for such that media agency or corporates. Because here is an ecosystem. And in a ecosystem has a very different kind of parts. Because here is collective structure completely. Now this collective structure is emerging slowly but it is so strong.

We will make great to Steem Blockchain together:)

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Yep-you are right here!!! 100%.
And if you send me a peace-sign, my reply-attacks on durgwars will stop:). best regards.

Lets get Max Keiser screaming about steem and bitcoin from the top of the pyramids

Good news but I have good advice for all newcomers among famous influencers, bloggers and YouTubers.

No one will take them seriously and support their work here until they invest some real monies in Steem Power and support their followers.

Sorry to say that but they all look like a bunch of freebies. And we know they're loaded.

@theycallmedan is a great example of how to start here.

Could be a totally new phase for Steem and the ecosystem for media looking to disrupt traditional options. Imagine the potential with SMT that could happen!

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That was my thinking also. We could be seeing a new paradigm in the broadcast world.

I like this :-) Would be great if some 'popular' media sites all come to STEEM, even if it's just for cross-posting. Maybe they'd implement STEEM on their websites if/when SMT's are launched.

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It's definitely a good sign. They are certainly aware of the censorship and attacks on the truth here in the West, so them joining Steemit's blockchain makes sense. I wouldn't expect the corporate news in the West to follow any time soon though.


If the actually cross post this is huge for STEEM IMO!

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Just the beginning...

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Thank for letting us know.... RT has already a rank of 56 and 146 followers and earns a 10 dollar average per post... am I missing anything?


It looks like they have the support of a couple of well stakes accounts.

Perhaps they are trying to show them how things can progress on here.

Those big upvotes really add up.

It's a Good news for Steem, Russia TV is important media many people watch it in a different language

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Pretty big. Hope this starts a trend!

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Max Keiser from RT used to post on STEEM regularly , until the STEEM content police chased him away .


Yes they did. It is something that is going to require attention from the community. The tyranny on here is unreal.

Even if the account is just a placeholder to block the name. It’s important to get the steem name out there. But until a company like that makes a significant investment its no more then a placeholder

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Great news!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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wow, how exciting for steemit! Hopefully this will bring more big media companies here.