Steem Is A Top 5 Blockchain: The Reality Of The Explosion And A Potentially Killer App


No, if you look it up on, STEEM is still listed at some absurd level. The market does not follow what is taking place.

Of late, I wrote a great deal about the difference DApps on this blockchain and what is taking place. There are a lot of exciting things occurring in this realm with updates continually happening. In fact, yesterday afternoon I shared how my feed was filled with updates by a number of applications.

There is one that I did not mention. Before I delve into it, let me ask, what do you think would be the category that has the potential to be the killer application? In other words, what genre has the ability to set Steem apart from most of what is out there right now?

The answer to that question, in my view, is gaming.

This is the golden nugget that has the potential to take blockchain and catapult it to a different level. There are millions of gamers out there who spend significant money on their consoles and games themselves. This is only going to grow as virtual reality starts to take hold.

Of course, like most things in the world, gamers provide a great deal while getting only a sliver in return. The game creators tend to get stuck with little much in the same way as music creators get shafted. At the same time, players provide entertainment, even to the point of professional circuits appearing, yet do not enjoy the biggest percentage of the pie.

That all is about to change with crypto-economics. And, hopefully, the Steem blockchain will be in the middle of it all.

Yesterday, there was an announcement about As you can see, this is a comprehensive gaming service with some of the biggest names.


It appears that it is a membership system where, for a fee, in addition to access, one also get delegation from ongame to use on the site.


There is also a market where people are selling games, priced in both STEEM and SBD.


This is a system that was put together by @futureshock, one of Steem's incubators that is determined to bring products to this blockchain. For example, they were the ones who created Fundition.


This is a full-blown Steem creation that is designed for this blockchain. It is an advanced platform with a wide selection already in place.

It is easy to talk about disruption and changing an industry but it looks like Ongame could be doing that. It is a portal that connects to Steam, the widely successful online gaming platform with over 70K titles.

There is a complete write up by @futureshock in the post from yesterday.

Get Paid To Game.

This is an idea that I am sure is ready. I admit I am not a gamer so a lot of this is outside my expertise but I do know how big a market this is. The name Steam carries a lot of weight, having all the titles covered. The fact that is a portal into that gaming goldmine is a major bonus.

Life some of the other applications we saw of late, this is not changing what people are doing. Gamers still enjoy playing just like they always did. Now, however, they have the opportunity to earn STEEM as payment for their efforts.

It will be interesting to get some feedback as to what the numbers look like. Hopefully, some of the gamers on here test the system out and report back to us.

I made the statement in the title that Steem is a top 5 blockchain. When you look at what is being created AND the pace of it, we are priming ourselves for a massive explosion. What other blockchains can compare to what is taking place, month in and month out? EOS? Ethereum? Tron? Maybe one or two others.

Either way, Steem is in some select company. Of course, unlike some other blockchains, Steem has zero direct transaction costs and 3 second block time. Scaling, for the most part, is not an issue any time soon. The same cannot be said for some of the top blockchains based upon marketcap.

How many people spend hours using their WII, Playstation, or Xbox for fun? Now, these same people can do that except they are able to earn STEEM for their troubles.

And by accessing Steam, it appears that Ongame knew exactly where to tap into.

Here is a chart listing the user growth as of January of this year. Please note this is simultaneous users on at one time, not MAU or total accounts.


According to Wikipedia, Steam had 150M accounts by early 2018 with 2017 sales of $4.3B.

Ultimately, the question comes down to how many of the 150M are going to be willing to use this portal to game just like they always did except have the chance to get paid for doing it?

I guess we will see when they go totally live in early 2019, right around the time their SMT is going to be coming out.

Am I the only one who thinks there are some possibilities with this?

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Will the similarity of name between "Steem" and "Steam" be a help or a hindrance?


Good point I think it helps because it sounda familiar.

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Thanks for sharing this. I didn't know about ongame, I do have quite a few game keys that I want to sell!

I'm hyped as fuck about this, the only thing that is missing is fucking bullrun and mass adoption. I'm not sure why are people afraid of changes when it is more then obvious crypto is taking over. Enjoyed reading as we obviously share the same opinion, at least on this subject. Cheers :)


Btw i'm glad that steem is so low at the moment as i'll have more time to accumulate as many steem as i can. I've been frustrated about that situation for about few months and then i relized what if steem goes up to 10 bucks for token? I would fucking stabb myself in a fucking neck for not being able to become dolphine at least . haha

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I totally agree. Crypto and gaming are match made in heaven :)

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