Steemit Updates: Hard Fork Coming

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I will give Steemit Inc credit, they are much better with communications. Remember when we went months without hearing a peep out of them? My how times have changed.

A couple things appeared that are noteworthy and worth sharing.

To start, is out of beta. I know most people did not even notice but it was posted that they are out of beta (so I believe them).

There was also the announcement of the reformation of the team with some new heads appointed over different departments.

This is actually shaping up to look like an organization. Kudos to the team for this.

Check out this post for info on the team members and the positions they hold.

Now for the nuts and bolts of what took place.

Eli Powell (@elipowerll) gave an interview to @andrarchy about the last 6 months and what took place.

As we all know, there was a fateful day in November when Steemit Inc announced they were going through reorganization. This included a large number of layoffs in a cost cutting move. I will have to state that they were not the only ones having to do this in the crypto space since the bear market affected many companies that were using their tokens to fund operations.

At that time, the AWS bill was, according to Eli, over $225,000 a month. There was also the cost of the office space in downtown area. These situations occurred under Ned's tenure. Part of the reorganization was Eli taking over as Managing Director of the company.

So far, the AWS bill was reduced to an estimated $37,000 while the move of the office saves $18,000 a month. The implementation of Hivemind along with MIRA created the AWS savings.. According to her interview, she feels there is another $8K-$10K possible through other changes.

The final component was getting some revenue coming into the company. Before January, there was zero revenue. This tends to be a business model that is not sustainable.

In January, ads appeared on Ellis said they were simple AdSense to find out where things stood. It turns out that Steemit does have good SEO and was able to pull in $3K a month just from AdSense.

This is going to be rolled into their own customized advertising campaign where they target the advertisers they are going to use and set up agreements with them. This should help both entities since the advertisers will be targeted better.

The other part of the roadmap announced is the creation of communities and SMTs. The blockchain developers are working on the final details of a Hard Fork that will take place in MId-June. This is for the Steem proposal system and Steem DAO. After that they will be turning their attention to Communities and SMTs.

Let us hope this Hard Fork goes smoother than the last one.

Here is the YouTube video of the interview and the write up post.

This is all very good news. As I mentioned, Steemit Inc looks to be operating, finally, as a company with a direction and with purpose. It is wonderful to see the increase in communication along with the follow-through of the team. After suffering through a couple years of over promising and under delivering, it is good to have a shift.

I believe that the Steem community has the ability to make this place great even without the assistance of Steemit Inc. Now, that they are moving in a direction that is helping the community, it makes things start to move a lot easier.

Good times are ahead.

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This is going to be very interesting

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good to see some woman in the fold and how much they managed to turn it around.

I also believe that the Steem community has the ability to make this place great even without the assistance of Steemit Inc

Now, that they are moving in a direction that is helping the community, it makes things start to move a lot easier


It’s some great news but Justin sun gives updates on tron 4-5 times a day 😂😂😂


I'm glad Eli is spending most of her time running the company and managing costs.
I'd be worried if a CEO was updating 4-5 times a day. He's not doing his real job if that's the case.


Beats me, tron is worth 1.8 billion 🤷🏼‍♂️

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In the short term sizzle may beat steak, but in the long term steak wins.

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I hope Steem wins in the long term. But flipping TRON in market cap does seem unlikely. When Steem hit 1B market cap (Jan2018), TRON had 16B... However, stranger things have happened in the crypto-space, we never know.

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I thought due to being decentralised hundreds of people were hosting Steem and as such reducing each person’s cost to host. I’m guessing this isn’t true as the AWS bill seems astronomical!

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There are different nodes.

The Witness nodes are run by the Witness and paid for by them. That is what runs the blockchain.

AWS is for's hosting. All pics and text is uploaded there. Only the text makes it through to the blockchain. They also are running the Master nodes which feed the different applications.

The changes will allow the applications to host their own node if desired.


Ahhh, that makes sense. Thanks for the info 😊

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Do we have a clear idea what @ned’s role is now that he’s handed over the reins?


Yes, we do. Read ellis and andrarchys comments and watch the videos for more detailed info.
He is still there but doing different tasks. Creative tasks which he excels in and supporting the team with his knowledge and creativity. "Vision" stuff and so on...

This sounds really promising! Hope to hear more good news like this. Excellent timing in this BTC-Bullrun by the way. reason to have a !BEER for free

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They also briefly discussed potential revenue sharing on the advertising side can both help sustainability and entice more to participate! The direction continues to improve!

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Excited about these developments, June is just around the corner, hope to read more discussion about the HF.

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This is all good News and great development from the Steemit Team.
Still what I'm missing is a clear Roadmap and Vision for the whole Steem Ecosystem. One of the major issues for users here on the platform is the broken Proof-of-Brain consensus to discover useful content and the abuse of the Steem Reward Pool.
When SMT and communities are ready than we are still facing this fundamental problem. I hope that the Steemit Team learns to address all major problems here on the platform and not fixing holes as they come.
But still we are on a positive trend right now which I hope draws more users to Steem.

the only way is up (I hope) :-)

Good thing @blocktrades is on point. Saw this on PYPT thanks to @sgt-dan😎

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Thanks for engaging with posts presented on PYPT


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Good to see this post. It is really motivating. Hoping to see many things in action from I hope the hardfork is well planned and is not a failure like the last one.

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A sign of relief, and more positive vibes for steemitinc. excited to see all these developments.

This is moving in the right direction, and let's hope the hardfork works well.

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We need more women in the building. Thanks again.

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