Why Steem Is So Important? A Wider Perspective


What do Hollywood, the media, Silicon Valley, CIA, NSA, and the banking establishment have in common?

The answer is they are all the same. They are nothing more than a web of interconnected entities that enslave the masses.

Many tend to think of these establishments as separate. The reality is they we are witnessing a Cooperatocracy. One hand washes the other as they say. Information is fed to the media outlets and Hollywood that program the masses. The message is contoured to what they want us to know. The overall view of the masses is scripted for them.

There are a number of people waking up to what is taking place. Regardless of whether one believes this is all a conspiracy or a natural result of corruption and power, the facts are starting to emerge. The bill of goods we are sold is not what it appears.


One of the major breakthroughs for humanity was the Internet. While this became a domain of the mega-tech companies which increased surveillance through their ties to the government and other alphabet organizations, it also provided humanity with a platform to espouse alternative views. One of the major reasons conspiracies and other "alternative" ideas are so popular is because of the Internet. Without it, we would be stuck with just the message of those in power.

The awakening that is taking place is also creating a great deal of fear There are a number of new technologies that we will see become mainstream in the next few years that can really hinder humanities path to freedom. As the mega-technology companies garner more control, it makes it easier for their power basis to grow.

This is a common viewpoint I see posted on here. It is also one I disagree with completely.

Technology does not enslave. This is a point people really need to understand. It is a neutral mechanism which has an impact based upon how it is used. Many want to make technology evil when it is no such thing. It merely reflects what it is used for.

We are about to embark upon technological advancements like we never saw before. I believe we are in a situation where we can see humanity freed within two decades. The pace of change is going to be so swift that most will not be aware of it until after it happens.

The present paradigm is cooked. There is simply no way for it to remain in place. This is something that many might take exception with but it is what we see unfolding. The key is to keep forging ahead in an effort to develop technology that frees instead of enslaving us all.

We see the media and Hollywood promoting the idea of technological dystopia. The "Terminator" scenario is played repeatedly in people's minds. This, again, breeds fear. There is nothing humans hate worse than a loss of control. Even though we do not have it today, at least we know who the puppet masters are. Something outside of that can be really scary to people.

To me, it is not the technology that is the concern but who is in control of it Fortunately, we are at a point where technologies are appearing that make decentralization possible. The established entities are doing their best to enter in an effort to control but it will be futile. I say this because what is being created does not fit into their business models.

Yesterday, I wrote about the Gofind XR project. This is a blockchain that is being created for Extended Reality applications. It is also tying into the Steem ecosystem to utilize the content/reward system that we are all so familiar with.

One of the things about Extended Reality is that it is a new venue for wealth creation. Essentially, we are looking at virtual real estate. Having projects that are blockchain based means that people from around the world are able to share in what is being created. This is radically different than the world we are presently living in.

What we are experiencing is just a phase. Just like the first iteration of the Internet gave us the ability to freely share information and ideas, the next one will enable the monetization of developments outside the realm of the centralized control system. This is what scares the daylights out of them.

We are seeing the formation of an entire industry around the idea of networks that are not centrally controlled. This is another idea that is important to remember. Whatever we think about individual projects, the bottom line is we are all in the same boat. Each success is another notch in the path to freedom. While many projects will end up failing, there will also be winners that uplift humanity. It is up to us to ensure we keep the line moving.

Crypto-economics is providing the world with something that will obliterate the classical model. Again, many take exception to this believing things will remain the same. We saw what happened to music, video, information, and communication when the Internet entered those realms. What is taking place now has the ability to do the same thing but 100 fold. That is the power that is available to us.

The key is innovation. Who do you think has the ability to innovate faster and at a greater level? Facebook can employ all the geeks it wants. Put a similar number in this industry and you will see a race that is ended before it starts. Those operating within the confines of a closed system simply cannot keep up with what is done in an open forum.



I do not believe it is being over dramatic when I state that we are in a battle for the freedom of the planet. In my mind, for many reasons, it is already done. I understand the energy that is being blasted upon us with the tools at hand. People are not going to be accepting of the scarcity model.

It is funny when I read about issues that are confronting society. The media wants to promote the agenda which is, of course, to turn to the "powers that are" for the answers. This really makes me laugh. Most everything I come across, that is an issue, has a clear cut answer. In most cases, either blockchain or cryptocurrency is the ideal solution. The reason this is so is because decentralization provides an opportunity to eradicate a lot of the problems the centralized control state created.

They naturally will not go quietly. This is why I remain steadfast in what I post and the optimism I have. The technology is available to us if we will only utilize it. As time goes by, we are going to see more powerful technologies released. The key is to keep them away from the control state. As long as we, the average Janes and Joes, have them available to us, then humanity will forge ahead

One of the key points is going to be linking these technologies to something like blockchain. While this might be the first iteration of the networks, it is an important one. Whatever comes after will only do so because of the foundation being laid at this time.

My message is "do not fear". I keep harping on this point because we are moving in a new direction. There are so many levels that are changing at the same time. Fear only serves the establishment. It is what they breed. Believing what the media posts, or what comes from Hollywood, is playing right into their hands.

The ability to take control is expanding each day. On Steem, we have the ability to post to a blockchain that cannot be altered. This is a major breakthrough. There is no centralized server housing the text that is created. Anything that is sent to the blockchain through an interface is a permanent part of it. As long as someone in the world is running the software, the blockchain keeps going.

I will leave you with a central premise. A great deal of the control comes from the currencies we all use. Why do we opt to use such enslaving devices? The answer is because that is what we are paid in. People do not have anything else. Those in the United States get USD every couple weeks while those in the Germany get Euros. We are all a part of the system since we have no choice in that matter.

Of course, Steem is changing that. While the acceptance is not widespread, each week, more accounts are earning STEEM. Soon, we will see accounts being filled with currencies that are tied to the applications on here. This means that people will have monetary value outside the fiat currency

This is a seismic shift. Just this one item alters the entire game.

Think about how powerful that it. Then expand it upon many of the newer technologies we are going to see emerge over the next decade.

Can you see why those in control should be the ones on the state of fear?

In my view, it is crucial that we remember how vital Steem is to the process. What is taking place on here is part of a much larger movement. The implications on humanity can be great.

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Excellent message TM, resteemed!


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Not trying to be buzz kill but one can argue Steem has pretty much the same type of elitism and "control" when a proxy account named after a vegetable can decide a fate of a witness.

Same story goes for Bitcoin.

I just try to live with it

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Good blog @taskmaster4450

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It is a journey that will ultimately play itself out as communities slowly come to realize the trends and the path to get us back to the roots of humanity in freedom. It will be a challenging one as we continue to need to participate to live but we can also start hedging and preparing for a shift.

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Resteemed to read over and over again! Many thanks to you taskmaster , you always making the perspectives on the platform acknowledged.

Believing what the media posts, or what comes from Hollywood, is playing right into their hands.

I'll let the "normal" people hear what Hollywood, central banks, and all the people that support the current system say, they are all part of the old centralized model the world is enslaved too, and they will one day wake up to the power of decentralization, the next step for humanity's evolution, for humanity's freedom! Decentralization, encryptions and peer2peer sharing of data are the future!

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I wish I remember what the name of the video was on YouTube, but I saw an incredible video a while back on Extended Reality. From the person having issues, submitting an IT request, getting it fixed.

The coolest part was when she was wearing the glasses, the store really jumped out with ads, a help screen, etc. etc. and you didn't realize it was "extended reality" (Really just an edited video), then when they quit working everything looked so plain.

Anyways if I find the video I'll share it here.