I am afraid


I am afraid to talk. I am afraid to make a decision and my decision has been persuaded by the very people around me. I am full of ideas yet they all wrinkle and fade away when implementations arise. I have grown to disbelief myself and the confidence i had when i once set my foot on this unruly earth, has vanished into the thin air. I was born into a house and the norms of the house were inculcated into my life. Fear wasn't part but the actions of authorities in school has left me subject to low confidence.

I can voice out my ideas, i can laugh and follow through orders but when it comes to a dialogue with a superior, i seem to dumb. I almost utter no word and all i say is in unison to what my superior say. I am liked by my superiors but i despair my self. Not being able to voice out things as they are and keeping subtle for the opportunity to come out of my shadows.

I know life is short and time is shortlived and every moment should be cramped and enjoyed to the fullest. Nevertheless i cant do other wise. Many of you are exactly as i described. Always confident when it comes to your peers but remain paralyzed when the tables turn to your superiors. Sometimes the idea in you is what is going to make you. But the question is, what if it rather unmakes you ? Because often at times very brilliant ideas seem foolish on the first site and as such seemingly foolish people tend to be associated with luck in achieving success.

Read through the lines for there is a hidden message for only you. I mean you who is reading this article. Have the confident and do not lurk through the shadows anymore. You have unlimited power within you to achieve greatness. But if you keep all your ideas to yourself and never voice them up, you will never be noticed. I am moving out of the darkness. Stepping into the light and making my light shine so bright that every one will notice me.

You can equally do the same. Be inspired to do more. Have a blessed day.

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