Gratitude Day 34/62: Nairadaddy

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Happy Birthday to Nairadaddy, the Blockchain Doctor. Nairadaddy is someone I respect because of his spirit of excellence and his consistency of purpose. Nairadaddy is a doctor and web developer. That's a really deadly combination. I'm sure the ladies melt at the sight of him. I wonder how it must be to be so awesome.

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He is also the founder of @air-clinic. @air-clinic is a platform that offers decentralized medical services to everyone. Making medical services available for everyone no matter where they are. @air-clinic is such a fantastic idea. When I first heard about it, I almost exploded with enthusiasm. I'm pretty sure that in no distant time air-clinic is going to go boom and I'm going to be so proud. I'll be like "@nairadday is a Nigerian."

Dear @nairadaddy, I'm dedicating this chipmunk song to celebrate you today. Happy Birthday

Gratitude Day

Special thanks to all that participated in the gratitude challenge for day 33.

Today I'm thankful to God for blessing us with such a gift and I'm thanking @Nairadaddy for being an awesome vessel.

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@tojukaka, thanks for the reminder on my boss's birthday @nairadaddy, happy birthday to you boss, wish you more success.

Fantastic man! Happy birthday to him

Happy birthday Papa @nairadaddy
God bless your real age. :)

Boss! I greet you Sir. Thanks for doing this. 👌👌👌👏👏👏

God bless ur new age

God bless ur new age