This is a quick test

3년 전

For a moment I thought I had lost access to my Steemit account. But was still working to post so I took it easy a while and let some time pass. I was scared because I just changed my Steemit password yesterday and only stored the Steemit password so I didn't have the active or owner keys to try with. I traced back mentally that I was able to log in and do transactions after the password change, but I have to say I was still nervous that I couldn't get in.

Steemit sorted itself out after a few minutes.

I will ensure that when I change my password in the future I have sufficient time to secure all the keys and not just be satisfied with securing one.

It was a good experience changing keys. I saw that changing Steemit password changed all keys (posting, active, owner and memo keys) simultaneously. I thought it would've been harder to change these. Steemit made it easy.

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