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Crypto career options in the money market are increasing day by day. In 2008, a strange technology called Bitcoin was introduced to the world by someone nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto. In just 10 years, this technology has made a huge impact all over the world and has become a trillion-dollar industry.

As of this writing, there are currently 1515 crypto currencies. In addition, this year, it is expected that only hundreds of people will create a new currency. In order to bring these currencies online, as well as entrepreneurs, institutes and non-profit-making people, engineers, analysts and marketers are also making great strides. Today, professions like Blockchain engineering have emerged as a rapidly growing segment. Since January 2017, demand for professionals in this category has increased by about 700 percent. The crypto-money world is opening the door to a new career in this direction.

Career options in crypto money market
Working in the crypto-money world can be described as taking part in one of the organizations we usually count below:

*ICO launch.
*Providing a consulting service to help ICOs drive their product to the market
*To take part in a large technology or financial services company that uses Blocchain technology
*Prepare Blockchain applications for an institute or non-profit research

What are the areas we can highlight if we are talking about business categories?
Technique: Software developers, engineers, programmers and other IT professionals.
Writing and marketing: Cryptography is one of the most preferred areas of employment in the currency world, writing and marketing. People who understand quality and technology create content and earn money against it. If you have good writing skills, you can stand out in this area.

Consulting services: Experts provide consulting services to newcomers on learning about the world of cryptography. This is one of the newly emerging areas of employment in our country.

Legal: One of the most frequently discussed topics in the crypto money market is legal legislation. Some law firms and lawyers are able to provide consultancy services to Bitcoin and subcoins.

Most people initially think that Blockchain and the crypto are foreign to the money world. But then he can develop himself slowly by entering this market. This situation depends on how you see the future of the crypto-money world. For you, specialization may or may not be a good idea.

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Very informative post to open the eyes of many my friend. Blockchain tech is the future and there are a ton of people wanting to get in the space. This post will make a good primer for alot of people wanting to do more than just trade . Resteemed!!

That's right and nice post. I think crypto market will be new financial system and we always learn the this new system and we have a long way.

great post, uzay as usual!