My steemit was stolen!

2년 전

In Russia, a wave of ip-address blocking is rolling, which uses or can potentially use the messenger program "telegram", so decided our government. Today (for me and many others, but not yet for everyone) has been blocked by youtube and steemit. Now I have to painstakingly configure access to the necessary resources, step by step, directing traffic through vpn.
Under the beautiful wrapper of the fight against terrorism, we are deprived of freedom, there is a hope that not everything is lost.

And while there is an opportunity I will be here and try to please photos

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Hello @vkarav76 that is true I've read an article about it just very recently. That is very sad. The developer of telegram is actually from Russia (very smart along with his older brother - can't recall their names) and has fled to Dubai according to the article. Hope the government will change their opinion about this issue. Thanks for sharing.