Get Your Blame Posts Out!!!


If you haven't yet written an "I told you so" post picking your pet peeve steem issue and blaming the current price on that...

You just aren't part of the Team.

Get it all off you chest and then decide what you are going to do from here.

So let me sum it all up...

It's Ned's fault, it's the whales' fault, the minnows took all the monies, spammer, scammers were not flagged, we counted too much on SteemIt, Inc. The rewards were off, we should have never gone to 10 votes a day, it is too expensive to flag, curation is hard when you have autovoters. The bidbots killed it, we didn't focus on Content. SteemMonsters didn't grow fast enough, Bernie's a dick. Client Retention is terrible and always has been. It's broken.

Whatever you do, don't learn the lesson we shouldn't be counting on Ned for all of this. Instead. insist he quits or pretend you have the power to fire him. My favorite posts today are the ones asking him how he is going to earn your trust back. For crying out loud you aren't married to him.

He doesn't have a staff, he isn't going to meet your needs better now.

If it is fixed at all it will be fixed with community driven efforts.

Carry on, its entertaining.

Please link your favorite "I told you so" posts or better yet,... This is the one problem posts...

Just to ensure I don't miss any!


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This comment is everything that is wrong with this place!

I think everything will be fixed, specially the price ;)


Whatever you do, don't learn the lesson we shouldn't be counting on Ned for all of this. Instead. insist he quits or pretend you have the power to fire him. My favorite posts today are the ones asking him how he is going to earn your trust back. For crying out loud you aren't married to him.

GOTTA love this LMAO


Lol, well, it is like should we go to counseling with him?

I guess everyone still think there are entitled to things here... So many thought come to mind when thinking who is to blame for that and it’s not the above list...

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I dunno if I'm really entitled to anything...but it is frustrating how it seems like this place has just stopped working to a large degree.

You forgot about @haejin. It's all because of him. He drained the reward pool and caused all this. Look! He did it again! He's still posting after all this!


I did forget it and it is his fault!

Aliens, I blame aliens

For crying out loud you aren't married to him.

It’s the internet. How much do you really know about any of us or who we might be married to?

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Even the blame post bring you rewards.
Maybe it's not broken, after all.
Btw. You forgot to put some blame on HF20.


Good point! HF20 is right up there!

Technically I can both go against what you said and still say I told you so. Because I started to say we needed to have more community efforts months ago. We can't rely on Steemit. Problem is that we haven't really organized the community when it comes to devs, other than people's personal projects. Of course, the efforts of teams that make larger projects like the alternative front-ends have helped tremendously...but does that mean we're all supposed to abandon Steemit? And how many of them have been helping with the Steem backend?

All those things that you mentioned are real issues. And Steemit has ignored them. Some of them are matters of opinion...but...still. Steemit abandoned us a long time before now. We should have started to organize the community a long time ago. But how does one even do that?

We need the developer witnesses with the most experience in open source to step forward and help us to organize Steem to get things done, so we don't rely on a single centralized company. We're supposed to be decentralized and we're not. That's part of the real reason we're in the toilet. We relied on a company that did let us down. But it was our fault for relying on them.


yeah, we did rely on just one company and it bite us ... and now, why are so many looking to the same company to fix it?


Because they're idiots?

Um...they've become used to Steemit leading us I guess? And they aren't thinking about the fact that we should be decentralizing development the same as the blockchain.

It's the world's fault, obviously! The price of Steem is crashing, because everything is crashing in the world around us.


Well, we are crashing harder than bitcoin and harder than our peers. So, while that is contributing it isn't the only factor.


Harder even than those that have been going a comparable length of time?

I'm guilty for being a plankton.

Opportunities are abound. Let's quit pointing the fingers and look at this as Steem and NOT Steemit anymore. I know @thealliance is moving on. Thanks for your Post as you bring up some great points @whatsup :)

I recently wrote a blog post a few minutes ago telling why (contrary to what @ned said) that having "excited" investors at these price levels who are serious long term is not a bad thing.

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For a sufficiently large fee, I will gladly take all the blame.

I won't blame anyone, when it was kul I blamed no one

Well, there is nothing Steem Inc or anyone else do about the prices, entire market is struggling and these are difficult times indeed. We should be prepared for even worse, I am staying in the market, producing content because I love to do so and I am thinking long term. Steemit's strength lies in its community and together we should be able to get through this difficult time.

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We have dropped from 20th to 50th on coinmarketcap, so we are falling faster than the rest of the market. Yes, the market place is tough, but we are under performing.


Yes, and the prime reason for that is there are no major development releases that are coming out which can boost investor confidence

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I don't blame anyone else or the market but my hubby is commenting on others people stuff

no one's going to blame about this, because if you'll just enjoying making post why does it matter, money here is just a reward it's not actually your salary.

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