It's Our Number 1 Goal At SteemIt To Onboard The Masses.

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It was a line from a recent SteemIt Inc post about some changes they are making to the delegation process.


Source: @steemitblog

The post is about a needed change that SteemIt Inc, did to their delegation progress, but that isn't what stuck out to me. For the record updating this process is likely a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Ever since I read this post the opening line has been running through my head. "Our number 1 goal is to onboard the masses.. " States the post, but it seems like a disconnect. I was surprised to hear this stated, because... I'm not seeing it.

I asked myself if I've seen ANY evidence that this is the number one goal.

This isn't meant to be critical although it would be easy to see it this way, but guys... almost nothing you are doing seems to support that stated goal.

My former experience says that organizations PLAN to meet their goals. Generally, department heads and executives get together to make sure there is a coordinated effort in place to achieve the goals.

While I am very happy there is a formal process in place by SteemIt Inc for delegation and I personally don't mind that they are using their stake to incubate projects. I just can't make any of the recent actions line up with the number 1 stated goal of Onboarding the Masses.

In former companies that I worked at we had business planning sessions to ensure that our actions and resources were supporting our number 1 goals.

If the stated goal is accurate a planning meeting might start with asking this question.

How do we onboard the masses?

What are the barriers to Onboarding the Masses?

Do they know about us? (I don't think so)
So, how do the masses hear about us? (that would be a good place to plan)
If they do know about us why haven't we onboarded them?

  • slow account creation
  • complicated sign-up process
  • ?
    See what I mean about actually working the problem we are trying to solve?

Again I am not trying to be overly critical , but surely you can see there is a disconnect.

If one wants to "Onboard the Masses" all communications one should speak to the masses in non-technical terms about benefits, not features.

If one wants to reach the masses, one has to actually speak to the masses via advertising, marketing or outreach programs.

The questionnaire for Delegations doesn't address onboarding at all, so still doesn't seem like it focuses on the stated goal.

If I look at recent and current projects for signs of "Onboarding the Masses"...

Adding Ads. - No, not an onboarding goal - a financial goal. Again an okay goal, but not the stated goal.
Changing the wallets: No - not an onboarding goal it actually made things harder (maybe more secure)
EIP - No, this supports financial goals, possible retention of stakeholders, perhaps stopping the bleeding all of which are good goals but have nothing to do with Onboarding the masses.

So, my point here isn't to be critical, but it is to wonder if you are clear on what the goals are and how to reach them.

In my former company, we held quarterly meetings where each department head presented what they were working on, how it fits into the organization plan and budgeting those things we needed to accomplish our goals.

Maybe the Author of the post just misspoke and the #1 goal is to realign financial incentives for current users, reduce bad content and stop some of the bleeding on the value of Steem, which is also a valid and great goal.

But either way there is a disconnect and it shows. If you want to be taken seriously, either re-evaluate the number one goal or maybe revisit what each department would have to do from labor, cost and focus perspective if you have any intentions of actually meeting the goal.

Anyway, maybe there are legitimately some other goals that should be met first, but then maybe communicate those as the number one goal instead.

Maybe I am just being too literal.

What do you guys think? I'm probably overthinking all this aren't I?


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I dont think stopping bleeding on the value of steem is thr goal. If that was the case, they would stop selling steem and instead start buying it using ad revenue. That will autimatically help user growth.

I've purchased accounts with steem ninja and while it is the easiest no noob is going to do that. I kinda like the proposal of a light account, kind of what steem monsters are doing. So users can get in quickly and then from there figure out if they want to add steem to their accounts

You are right! It would be so easy to implement a referral bonus program, and I have commented this on a couple of “leader’s” posts! With no reaction !

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Many people are opposed to referral programs, because they are often scammy and used when people are trying to bring others into Multi-level marketing

In any case I just want them to do things that gets people to say our name.


Excellent point! I still don’t think they are being very clear about their goals, and especially their actions toward their goals!

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When they say masses, they meant the large number of faucet farmers who may or may not be controlled by their company.


Maybe I should have said... define masses. :)

Isn't it time to come to grips with what stinc has done?
They ran off the creator, broke his creation, called it quits, and now are just stringing out the inevitable.
We need to get @steem's stake staked to protect the chain.
Stinc is just looking to piss it all away, imo.
You do remember the 'steem is to be deprecated' announcement last year?

A 500mv influence cap makes this game worth playing for more than just the whales.


You wish ;)

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Doesn't seem that way to me either, but what do I know anyways


After all who really knows. Maybe it was just an expression.

Compared to other crypto projects, Steem has a decent amount of users. For example, Monero and Zcash have a few thousand transactions per day.

But onboarding the masses won't help us create a sustainable future. Most bloggers and app users are leeches who hope to earn money from contributions, good or bad, that nobody asked for.

We should be onboarding organizations that bring their own money and their own fans, like @coingecko.


Where people gather an economy develops. Can't be stopped. 100% of the time.

It's not just bloggers. You give them blogs, games, gambling,... other people come to build where people are. Other people come to sell them things, other people come to be part of it...

I welcome and love @coingecko. But we just need to gather people and let the economy develop.

It's already started to happen several times. But the endusers can't buy as fast as our stakeholders dumped and then the bear market came.

Let's build a social economic society including both end users and businesses and banks and .... maybe things we haven't thought of yet. :)

You are not overthinking at all @whatsup .
We are back again to the need of a business and marketing plan as a main priority. More important than any other code change IMO.
This point is not addressed by steemit inc and the destiny of this Blockchain fully depends on it.
I fully agree with you, they would like to onboard the masses but they just don’t plan anything about. This is a complete disconnection from the reality.

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Their company is highly development heavy, I'm not trying to be mean, I kind of want to help.


If EIP is aimed at increasing quality conent and delegations are aimed at attracting quality services, they could just be setting the stage.
You don't want the masses to crowd into your circus tent before the acrobats and animal trainers are ready to entertain. No one sane wants to stay in a circus tent only filled with clowns.

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Well that would make onboarding their number 2 goal.

With the number 1 goal being "Get rid of the clowns". :)


The freaks will chase away the clowns. By welcoming in the deplatformed that is what they are doing.

...but then who will chase away the freaks?

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I'm not going back to read it again, but my impression when I read it was that they wanted to deliver delegations to dapps so they could offload account creations and dapps could start on-boarding their own users. Many hands makes light work, as they say. Not sure if that's correct without rereading it, but that's the impression I had.

Personally, whenever I'm (unsuccessfully ; -) recruiting people, I always recommend that they only get their accounts from Steemit because I'm not sure what kind of account recovery capability other services have, so I'm not sure how realistic that delegation plan is, but I did think that what they were saying made sense in context.

Probably would have been better worded as our number one LONG TERM goal is to onboard the masses. Because everything that's happening now is still infrastructure level. It's gonna be a while. We might as well sit back and enjoy each others company.

I asked myself if I've seen ANY evidence that this is the number one goal.

Nope! ;D


I even tried not to be snarky.


Masses... Here is the latest report by @penguinpablo

According to my knowledge, up=good, down=bad

I've not seen any plan by Steemit Inc to onboard the masses yet.
I guess every other app built on Steem has to do it on their own. One account, all of Steem. That way, Steemit Inc won't have to do any serious publicity for new users to use their blogging app in the long run.


So, the number one goal should be.. Our number one goal is to support the Dapps in onboarding masses. :) I don't know, words mean something.

nope not seeing it, maybe it's a metaphor.


hmm. A metaphor. Our number one goal is to talk about our blockchain with our current users and call it masses.


maybe we will witness a miracle and someone from @steemitblog will explain it to us :D
is the wednesday show still on? maybe we should ask if we do not witness a miracle.

While I am happy they are at least trying to do new things, I agree that mixed signals does not really help. If they wanted to say they need help attracting and onboarding new users, it probably would have been better. I hope they do really have this at the forefront although their actions say otherwise.


Actions are real, words are hot air BS.....words are the convenient tools of the sophist.

I feel like Steemit just took too long to build the foundations that we are now repairing. HOWEVER this is because they are creating something brand new from the ground up and are really doing things in a reactionary, rather than proactive manner.

What they really need to do is hire a marketing manager who has experience with large social media sites. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and do what works.

our #1 goal at steemit is to onboard the masses to blockchain technology.

This is the perfect words for a politician. When they promise everything and generalize the audience. You usually know you are in for a treat...and not the best kind.

I can clearly see that they don't even care about listening closely to each one of us since they keep a clear distance only reporting what is strictly necessary. Without opening a poll or a vote to promote a collective discussion about these important topics that could improve the experience of us all. (if everyone could share their opinions and contribute before any change being made)

I understand that is always easier to make a solution that is not perfect and label it 'for the masses' and after rollout see what happens and tweak and fix in the process. But would be 100 times more productive wait and have a decent plan that gathers the most information, opinions, and feedback possible, to at least be able to use the expression ' this changes or updates were made having the community in mind' or like they want to say 'for the masses'.

No, you're definitely not overthinking. I feel the same way.

if they want to fish for the masses, why not market?lol

Saludos @whatsup

Antes que lleguen las masas todos los puntos siguientes deben ser controlados

Greetings @whatsup

Excellent point raised in this publication.

With regard to what you explain, before the masses arrive all the following points must be controlled:

Realign financial incentives for current users, reduce inappropriate content and stop bleeding in Steem's value

If the masses arrive and find so many loose ends, it will generate an image of maladministration on the part of the coorporation.


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I know Steemit creates a lot of accounts, but that is not resulting in significantly more activity on the chain. They should be looking at existing online communities and how they could migrate to Steem on order to monetise what they do. Get musicians with a fan base on here. Set up a marketplace for music, tickets and merchandise. Make the platform attractive to such niches and others will want to join up.

I see no sign that they are doing anything like this. I search for news articles and there's nothing. Most of the Steem team are not even posting here and their profiles on the About page do not link to their accounts.

They need to 'walk the walk'.

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Lol. Steemit is like the land of ‘so close disconnects’. Haha.. but I lurch on without worry.
Your ‘new steem’ post hit me a few weeks ago. I rarely resteem but ya got me.
Well I said I would make a vid about it..
And I did. Imperfect but an example of what happens when motivated in the right way.
Thanks for that

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Great call out here.

I await a response to see if this really is the number one goal. Perhaps there is something we are missing. As of now I agree financial goals seem to be coming first, which is also a good thing. However not the goal Steemit claims to be chasing.


Don't hold your breath on the response. :) they are good folks, but I can't see them responding here.

They talk to us now, which is an improvement.


'At us', they talk at us.