Hostel Bitcoin, the small inn in Brazil that accepts cryptocurrencies

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In a small town in Brazil, Hostel Bitcoin is located, a small lodging complex that accepts cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, which is part of an effort to make cryptocurrencies a payment instrument instead of an investment method.

Bitcoin Hostel is a kind of inn located in the town of Paratay - Brazil, where you can pay with several cryptocurrencies. The complex has gradually gained fame among tourists of the ecosystem and according to the description of, has a shared lounge and a bar, in addition to offering access to both the historic city center and hiking trails .

The concept and design was created by Alessandro Santos, an architect and engineer who has lived in the city for more than three years.

Santos declared Portal do Bitcoin, that all the services provided by the complex, including meals and tours, can be paid with Bitcoin.

According to Santos, the decision to accept this new means of payment was born from the fact that many local and foreign tourists who visit the area are interested in the first cryptocurrency. "I'm on the route of the waterfalls, where several jeeps go daily with these tourists and the attention they give to the subject is notorious," he explained. "Some even ask the jeeps to stop to take pictures of the inn," he added.


Initially, only BTC will be accepted at Hostel Bitcoin, but the owner said he plans to accept any number of digital currencies that "can be obtained through a simple account of an exchange like Bittrex."

Apart from this, there are also plans to sell cryptocurrencies at the inn, but the owner could not share more information yet "due to a confidentiality agreement".

On the other hand, the owner of the hostel confirmed that he intends to lead a movement to increase the acceptance of the cryptocurrency in the area. "I think that, having a good acceptance, we can expand to other hostels and restaurants in the city," Santos said.

If you are looking to visit a great place with a cryptographic theme but can not get to Brazil, we recently presented a new company in China. Hash House is a café that accepts BCH and coworking space in the city of Xi'an, home of the famous Terracotta Army.

Certainly, a place that accepts cryptocurrencies to pay for hotels attracts a lot of attention. Well we know that they are not the first to do so, and that is precisely the positive of the fact, that it is a trend that is expanding and bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will gradually acquire the use for which they were created, unsupervised payment methods by no decentralized entity.

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