What is MinerGate? The key to making mining possible from your laptop?

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It has been three years since the minds behind the MinerGate platform saw the need to level the mining field, by giving PC users the ability to combine their CPU power with the cryptocurrencies of the mine.

These cooperative mining groups make it possible for individuals to extract Cryptocurrencies profitably at a time when large multi-million dollar data mining centers continue to emerge around the world. To gain a better understanding of the importance of the MinerGate project, let's take a quick moment to review the current mining landscape.

The Criptomarket is currently not so decentralized
Nowadays, mining is a big business and, unless you're ready to shell out some cash on new hardware, you may find it difficult to extract cryptography profitably in your area. The miners use specially designed mining platforms that are much more efficient in mining than their normal PC.

In addition to this new technological barrier, huge mining facilities have appeared throughout the world. These gigantic facilities incorporate up to 15,000 mining platforms in one place, and many consume as much energy as a small city.

All these developments in the mining field have made it seem almost impossible for people to extract cryptography from their home PC or laptop.

MinerGate is born
It was in March 2014 when Minergate first unveiled the concept of public mining groups for the world . Mining groupings work by combining the processing power of all the computers in the network and then dividing the profits. This allows a person to mine using their CPU or home GPU, thus eliminating the need to make a large investment in the configuration of the mining platform.

What is MinerGate?
MinerGate was founded as the first public mining group for cryptocurrencies that uses the CrytoNote protocol. Today, this includes a large variety of coins. You can easily extract several of the most popular Cryptocurrencies on the market, including:

The MinerGate registration process is simplistic and does not require any initial fee. In fact, he only pays fees for the coins he extracts.

Statistics of MinerGate
Minergate has boosted some impressive statistics since its inception with more than 500,000 miners who have benefited from the use of the platform to date. MinerGate also receives around 2,000 new registrations per day. The ease of use and the open nature of the platform make it ideal for anyone interested in Cryptocurrency mining with a tight budget.

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