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It's been a while since the last time spoke to someone who used to be friend. From the moment I tried to be polite but he just responded "N". N - a letter, not even a word. Oh I don't desever to get a full sentence or what? I'm not sad, just feel sorry for him! It is not regrettable for me, but it is a pity that the someone will permanently lose the motivation when they need me. What annoys me was, "What did I do wrong? But now I do not care anymore. Sometimes I find myself living like a mirror. What I received from life, I pay it back. Maybe in my eyes many people think I'm selfish but basically I have my principles of living. And when it comes to the principle, it should be respected till the end.

Human, most of life they live in their selfish cage. Please keep breathing without harming anyone, but do not give yourself the right to behave as if you are the only frustrated creature in the world. When others want to be open with you, even if you can not smile at that one, do not get rid of it. Because you do not know how much chance you have in the life to smile again? You should know that you may accidentally make others become selfish like you? "Hmm, I have no reason to treat them kindly." People care about your kindness by the way it received, not how it is given. A gift wrapped with beautiful wrapping paper but treaded under someone foot, what else could it be?

I think about live and death every day before going to sleep, every incident in this life can become obsession. Look in your life, turn it around like a multifaceted cube, evaluate it and look at it and take it as a lesson for yourself. That certainly meant more to me than some beautiful quotes copied from the Internet.

No one deserve to be your trash can. Next time if you want to let go of anger on others, try to drink your vomit first . Are we clear?

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