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This evening my mom has called me as her usually did every day. Well, we chatted a lot but mostly about what I had for dinner, how's weather, how's everything at work blah blah. Sometimes I wasn't happy with these calls due to stressful or something. But I will always answer all her questions because I know that she was waiting the whole day to ask. You know I love you so much mom!! ❤️


But I guess not everyone has the same thoughts like me. I saw my friend was yelling at his mom yesterday because his mom will come along this weekend. We are all provincial kids, who were living, studying and working apart from home. I will so happy and excited if my mom could visit me once or twice a month. But unfortunately she couldn't due to her busy job. Otherwise, my friend's mom has retired so she took a bus traveling to Hanoi to visit her sons almost every month. My friend was so angry and he thought his mom was really annoying. Especially this time he already has a plan to hanging out but he have to cancel because of his mom. That's why he yelled at her. I said "Dude! You have thousands friends and hundreds appointments out there but you just have only one mother. So could you just please be nice to her? You will never know how tomorrow gonna be. If someday your mom passed away, I'm sure that you'll be so comfortable because there's no one left to yell at. Is that what you want dude? They said giving more goodnight kisses instead of grumbling for wake up early. How long since the last time you have kissed you mom my dear friend?". Then we all kept silent for the rest of that conversation...

This Sunday is Mother's Day remember? I wish all mothers in this entire world will be more beautiful. Wish them luck and health! The most important thing is I hope all of them would l be loved a lot!

Anyways that's my mom in the last photo. She is so beautiful isn't she? I'm so proud as her daughter, so thankful to have her beautiful eyes, her brightly smile and her gentle heart!!

❤️❤️❤️HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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