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I arrived in Da Nang on a super hot morning. Fortunately, the hotel let me checking in my room sooner as their usual regulations so I could take a break before visiting Da Nang.



My hotel is an extremely idea place for a sea lovers like me. It has the front view to My Khe beach and it's only 50 meters from the beach.


At night when the streets lighted up, many seafood restaurants and cafes began to crowded.



Da Nang is a worth-living city, the first thing to mention is its great location. Since centuries ago, Da Nang has been well known as a key trade destination among Southeast Asian countries. Today, as a city of tourism, visitors are also easy to visit the neighbourhood sceneries. They can drive to Hoi An by motorcycle; or catch the bus to Lang Co Bay; or enjoy the taste of the ancient capital of Hue. From Da Nang to My Son is also not far away. For any tourist who loves risky sports, drive to Hai Van pass by motorbike is a great experience. You can enjoy the majesty of Vietnam's nature from this pass.



Mention to the wonderful services. Da Nang is where you can use free wifi in every corner of the city. There's no city in Vietnam has this kind of special service, even Hanoi. In addition to free wifi, Da Nang also surprised visitors with many interesting things. Dragon Bridge is an example. It's exactly a dragon-shaped bridge as its name and, it can spray water and fire for real. That is unbelievable! Along with that is Ba Na hill - a modern resort with cool climate for all seasons; Sun World amusement park which has a giant ferris wheel -Sun Wheel; a special bridge with thousands locks of love for couples next to Han river.



Cuisines in Da Nang is extremely diverse. Cheap foods and good services have conquered to any tourist visiting Da Nang. This land has many featured dishes that can not be found anywhere else. You can enjoy the meal in both luxury restaurant or local markets, they all has the same delicious taste. But I will keep this secret and reveal on my next post. So please catch them up if you are interested!

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Thanks! I'm glad that you liked it

I missed visiting Da Nang on my last trip to Vietnam. Must definitely put it on the list for the next visit. It looks like an interesting place.


Yeah 😂 I've just visited Da Nang days ago but I want to come back right now


Me too, when I first got to Vietnam I thought it was crazy and now I can't wait to go back there

Hi vọng e đã ko mua đồ ở chợ Hàn vì đồ bán cho khách nc ngoài nên hơi chát :D Chỗ e ở toàn quán nhậu, sướng!


Dạ anh, ngay từ lúc gửi xe máy anh trông xe đã nhắc là đừng mua gì rồi anh ạ 😂 Em lượn cho đủ chỗ thôi. Tối đi dạo bờ biển 1 vòng thôi là về no bụng anh ạ!