Curation Rewards And The Beauty Of Passive Income On Steem.

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I just found on on that in the 15 months I have been here on the platform I finally made over 10 STEEM POWER in curation rewards. That might not seem much but considering that all you need to do to earn curation rewards is to upvote posts, it looks pretty sweet to me.


Also, keep in mind that I only have 557 Steem Power at the moment and in the past I obviously had way less than that so I was making much less in curation rewards. So looking at how much I earned this week I should probably earn more than 24 Steem in curation rewards in the next 12 months and this is if my Steem Power won't grow at all which won't be the case.

So, my point is, do whatever you can to increase your Steem Power. The more you have of it, the more you will make in the future.

I wish you guys a great day!

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Where do you find those statistics? I had a good amount delegated a while ago but never did the numbers and have some delegated now.


Just go to

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