Tommorow Is Not Guaranteed, Stupid. Do It Now!

11개월 전

Tommorow is not guaranteed, stupid. If you want to so something, stop fucking waiting and start now. You are always looking for the perfect opportunity, always waiting for the planets to align. They won't or if they will eventually it's going to be too late. Stop finding excuses and go for it.


Think about how you will feel after and compare with the feelings of always postponing the things that you really want to do. If the difference between the two is not big enough to make you act, it means that what you think you want maybe isn't that important to you and you should change your priorities. But if there is a big difference you have no excuse.

Just go and fucking do it!

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100% agree with you! Either don't complain about your situation or do something about it, you can't have both. If you focused half the energy you do on feeling down and anxious and complaining you could have made a change


Yep. Exactly.

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Yes :-)

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