High Brown Fritillary Butterfly !!

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Butterflies are a amazing species of insects one of the most beautiful flying insects in my opinion with there largely scaly colorful wings that make a impression on you each time one flies pass you. They are not a easy insect to photograph as most would agree they move so quickly , this one here which i think is called the High Brown Fritillary i followed carefully for quite a while till it finally landed and luckily it stayed on this flower for more then a couple of seconds and i was able to capture a shot of this beautiful butterfly which i must say , have never seen a butterfly this color before i named it the flying Cheetah and even got another bonus insect in the photo....lol


In this particular flowery bushy area i was walking through in this park it seemed to be a feeding grounds for all types of insects and there were many butterflies just buzzing around me i honestly didn't know where to point my camera they were moving so quickly it was a real task to photograph them closer up but i did land a couple good shots i think. These next few butterflies belongs to the family of butterflies called Brush-footed butterflies.




The Brush-Footed butterflies or the Nymphalidae are the largest family of butterflies with more than 6,000 species distributed throughout most of the world, belonging to the Superfamily Papilionoidea. These are usually medium-sized to large butterflies.




Many species of these Brush-Footed butterflies are brightly colored and include popular species such as the Emperors, Admirals and the Tortoiseshells and some of these species can live up to 12 months.





This i think was my best catch of the day i managed to get up close before it escaped like a turbo rocket i think it could be either a Common Brimstone or a Cabbage butterfly but it is one butterfly that can camouflage itself against foliage but indeed one beautiful looking butterfly it even gave me a good pose for the camera 🙂 🦋 🤭 It is known to belong to the family of Pieridae.



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Thank you @seteem 👍

Amazing photos! 🤠 butterflies are kind of magical for me.
Sometimes very beautiful ones appear in special moments. We never know :)
Have a nice day 👍


Thank you @xmauron3 they are sort of magical and beautiful and you have a great day also 👍

Really excellent photo essay. I especially love the last, closeup shot!

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Thank you my friend for all you do 👍

Beautiful photography

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Thank you my friend 👍

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Thank you @c-squared much appreciated 👍

All of these butterflies are beautiful and I love the perfect nickname you gave the first one, "flying Cheetah". Kudos on the bonus fly too. My favorite photo is the last one. Way to go, getting up close and personal. Thanks for using #butterflyday tag @hangin. : )


Thank you @whatisnew it was a great day chasing butterflies around and it did turn out a success...lol 🦋

All such great shots of them you got some awesome shots of these beautiful butterflies


Thank you my friend 👍


Most welcome have a great day

These butterflies are so gorgeous! 😍


Thank you my friend 🦋

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Thanks guys..Cheers 👍