Three reasons to buy EXPERT accessories


Bosch AC, a global market leader for power tool accessories, is going to place its finest bits and saw blades in a new series called EXPERT, which will launch in May. This product line is only open to products that perform better than other manufacturers' in terms of quality. Which point is it? What is the optimal number? The new packaging will let you know. Did you know that 66% of people have the wrong accessory to do their job? Clear communication, clear packaging, optimized product lines, and only the best products for professionals are what they use to achieve this goal. To Buy Online Power tools in Dubai Visit

Reason 1: an extremely long lifespan

EXPERT accessories can last up to 100 times longer. What does this translate into for professionals?
The carbide in the teeth and chuck of our drills makes them last up to 100x longer. We tested it in practice.
Did you know carbide is used in over 600 Bosch accessories? These accessories can last for up to 100x longer than an ordinary drill or saw blade.

Reason 2: Speed & precision

Both speed and precision are possible. Bosch intelligent innovations allow you to work faster and more accurately because the job is easier and requires less force. A Powerchange adapter for a holesaw is one example. After you're done drilling you just need to push out any material and place a new bit.

Jigsaw blades offer another example of how speed and precision can go hand in hand. Bosch extra-clear jigsaw blades are equipped with special toothing to give you a clean cut on both the top and the bottom of your workpiece. The machine can now be held upside down so that you can see the end result. This makes sawing more enjoyable and allows you to achieve a great result much faster.

Reason 3: Safety and dust-free working

You are familiar with the importance of safety and health in the workplace if you work regularly. It is amazing to see the benefits of a dust-free pad or vibration-free handle. Even during preparation sanding, huge amounts of dust are released. Many sanding pad have small holes to allow dust to get in. However, Bosch's fully open structure can trap up to 5x as much dust. It also doesn't trap dust inside, making the pad last much longer than regular sanding blocks.

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After the drill, you just need to push out any material and place a new bit.

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