I am buying steem with Dollars or Euros

2년 전

If you are interested in selling your steem for real money send me a DM on discord.

I will pay with swift or iban bank transfer!

Minimum operation 100$ /€

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Careful @reveur, with our double posting we might be inserted in a blacklist for stealing 0.003 STEEM from the rewards pool, next time decline payment.


Interesting @nnnarvaez :) Are you talking to yourself? :))

ps. is it difficult to purchase crypto in your country (west europe)?


Yes I'm joking about the fact that I double published that.

It is not difficult but if went to binance with my credit card to buy 20k Steen I would end up paying for 21k to get only 20...

The problem with crypto is that it is too expensive to bridge in or out of it to FIAT until we understand that we DON'T NEED the middle man sucking blood


Hi @nnnarvaez

Big thx you for your comment and sorry for replying so late.

May I ask you for little favour? I'm not sure if I did ask you about it already or not (hope I'm not repeating myself).

Could you please check out also my recent post if you have few min and share your thoughts on questions related to concept of "introducing steem blockchain to businesses":

Your feedback is always appreciated ;) And I will upvote most valuable comment with 100-200k SP coming from project.hope account.
Yours, Piotr