Baby Delight Go with Me Chair

3년 전

This is a beach must for little ones! Our little one was 4 months old on his first trip to the beach. I searched for several weeks for some sort of device for him to be able to enjoy his first beach trip, and this chair was a lifesaver. The sunshade is perfect for keeping them out of the direct sun. The straps hold them in securely, even when they are tiny. I wasn't super crazy about the way they fit when the leg holes are used, but aside from that, we are very pleased with our purchase. Our 3 year old uses it when brother isn't in it, so it will definitely grow with them. It folds up into a nice, small, lightweight carrying bag, so it doesn't take up much room, and it's easy to carry. It sits low to the ground, and has a wide leg base, so it's extremely sturdy, and it works really well in the sand.

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