BUZZi New Feature Update: Retailer Search + Rewards Event


Hello Steem community! We’d like to announce that we have added a new feature that will help users find products from their favorite retailers.

Retailer Search Feature

We understand that there are certain retailers that both our creators and shoppers prefer. With the Retailer Search feature BUZZi users will be able to search for products directly from our partner retailers. 

BUZZi has partnered with key retailers that allow us to receive a commission for every sale generated from the content on our platform. It is from this commission that we are able to share rewards with our creators for the content that they create. Some of our partner retailers include Best Buy, Target, and Coupang (Korea’s largest e-commerce platform). We will continuously be adding to our retailer partnerships, providing access to the best products for our BUZZi users.

Discover Section - Search Update

We have also updated our Search feature in our Discover section. When the search results appear there will now be an option to see “Posts” results and “Product” results. This will allow shoppers to see product options from one of our partner retailers even if there is not a post created for the specific product. Shoppers can then purchase the product from one of the Product search results and continue to earn BUZZi rewards for their purchase.

As a reminder you will need to update the BUZZi app from the Google Play Store in order to access this new feature update. Your mobile device settings may be set to update your apps automatically but please check the Google Play Store to make sure you have the most current version of the BUZZi app. You can check at the link below.


* BUZZi is still in BETA and commission rewards are not available. Creators will receive commission rewards for revenue generated from their content after BETA is complete and this feature is available. 

BUZZi Rewards Event

We’d like to announce that we will be holding another Rewards Event for our users. For every new user that posts on BUZZi we will reward users with 5 Steem. For existing users that post on BUZZi we will reward users with 3 Steem.

Please visit our Event Page for guidelines.

The BUZZi team will moderate all content that is posted. Any content that does not meet the guidelines posted above or is considered spam will not be valid for a reward and may be removed from BUZZi.

We will notify all users who have received a reward through the comments after posting.

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Thanks for your support @bitrocker2020

This is great. Makes finding products from stores I shop at easier!

Wow cool updates!

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This post has been resteemed!
Good luck!

Those are might interesting updates. I have not gone through the app thoroughly but I have tried it looks promisin especially for expecting mothers and mothers.

Nice post man 👌

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