One Cloud Day ~ B&W Photo Contest

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Sedona and the desert southwest offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the world as well as some of the most beautiful clouds in the world, a match made in heaven. This is why landscape photographers flock here from around the globe. Sedona is often referred to as a photographers paradise.
This incredible image shows Cathedral Rock with an isolated convective thunderstorm developing above it as the golden hour light reveals the beauty of the storm.

#65 one cloud day  8x10 bw.jpg

This image was captured on film during a monsoon season many years ago, using a Pentax 6x7-2 medium format camera.
Also this image is being entered in @daveks b&w photo contest themed " Clouds "

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That' what I would do.

Wow.. That shot is epic in black and white.. One of the coolest images I've ever seen. Super dramatic and it's amazing to think those clouds make the mountains look so small! Truly etheric looking. Very impressive. Great work!


Yes I like this one a lot, the cloud looks like an island in the sky. This is a difficult shot to get it took perseverance. We used the time lapse video of this in our movie.

great photography my friend


Nice to hear it my friend, thank you!

Excellent photography my D:) friend @irvinesimages

Wow! What a beautiful natural photography and very nice shot. Thank you For sharing with us..


Thanks and your welcome!

Sedona is really an amazing place with so much beauty and colorful scenery . The environment is unique and beautiful @irvinesimages


It's everything you say and more, thanks for that.

Very cool. It looks like it's raining on the mountain. The black and white really makes the cloud stand out. I like that photo a lot. Nice work

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Hey' it is raining and there's a small rainbow which is obscured with no color. It was a lucky catch and I'm glad you like it. Thanks!

Excellent nature photography and very nice black and white picture. Thanks for share this post..

your photography eye is very skilled.


That's one of the benefit's of hard work and experience, thanks!

Another amazing black and white scenery from Sedona. I enjoy this amazing shot.

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Good to hear. I'm glad you enjoy it, thanks!