Huge BYTEBALL Airdrop for you Steemians, get anywhere from $10 - $160!!!

3년 전

Now I am sure most of you have heard of the Byteball Airdrop but maybe have not yet signed up. Well here are the instructions to get your share of the FREE MONEY!!

Just follow the steps and tell me you are ready for me to send you the 50,000 BYTES to pay your fees and voila you get FREE MONEY!!

Reputation 30 or above: $10.00 reward
Reputation 40 or above: $20.00 reward
Reputation 50 or above: $40.00 reward
Reputation 60 or above: $80.00 reward
Reputation 70 or above: $160.00 reward

To get the sharedrop first go here:

  1. Visit
  2. Click download wallet
  3. Open the app after downloading and go to chat
  4. Click on bot store and search for Steem attestation bot
  5. Click on Steem attestation bot and initiate chat
  6. The bot will send you a message
  7. Click on the blue dot by the left and click on insert address then send
  8. The bot will give you a SteemConnect link, use the link to click on the link to connect with the bot(edited)
  9. After connecting the bot will ask if you want the account to be public or private, click on public and
    it will give you link for attestation fee
  10. Give me your wallet address, and I'll send the fee
    Then you pay it and get your bytes.

That's all you need to do!! I get the referral from it and you can then pass it along and get your referrals too!!

If you have ANY questions, just ask me and I will help you get this going!!!

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3 more months for the one thats locked to unlock

Hi @gamesandcrypto,

Thanks for all your help and instructions i'm however stuck on Instruction number 8.

The bot has yet to give me a steemconnect link

Any idea what might be the problem?


I got a maintenance error. Hopefully they get it fixed soon :)


Hello, Did you get it working? I would like to send you the funds. Do you have the address available?



Yes it could be that the nodes are down or delayed. Just give it a little time then it will work. Check every hour or so but do not keep putting the address. You only need to put it once and let it catch up. Once you have it then you will send me your address and I will send you the fee to get your Airdrop
sound good? you havent given it to anyone else right?



No, you already had many people send you the fee. All you are doing is spamming it so many people can send you free bytes. Sorry not going to work with me.


yes many have sent it, because I ask some friends including you at once. I'm not spamming the way you accuse me. I do not think anyone wants to send so I ask some friends. You have misunderstood me. even this I tried to register with my steem account but not yet. so I'm sorry, I do not mean to spam. please you understand. Thank you...!!
if you do not believe please see my steem comments.


Yes but the first one who sent it gets the referral bonus. Is it working for you now?

hi, log :)
where do i find my wallet address? is it wallet id? and where do i need to send it to you?


Sup bro, click the 3 blue lines on left of chat after clicking STEEM attestation bot and you will see address or even click receive and see your address, then send to me on discord