Byteball New distribution and branding review

2년 전

Introducing Smart Vouchers

You can now earn money by sharing Smart Vouchers with your social circle!

The concept is simple. You earn when people join the Byteball network using your unique Smart Voucher code. Similar to other recent distributions, rewards are locked for 12 months to incentivize growth whilst offering protection to current holders.

Many people will be wondering how much they can earn. A conservative estimate is $120 for every 10 people that join using your Smart Voucher code, the earnings are not risk-free though. Full details can be found in the announcement.

We are optimistic that with time this distribution could grow the network substantially. It is the first distribution of its kind that we are aware of in the cryptocurrency space, and puts the power of the distribution under the control of users rather than any one platform or specific group of people.

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