Return the favour - Get byteball listed on binance..

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More than 75k people participated in the byteball airdrop and made some quick bucks. There are still many steemians who are yet to claim their free byteball.
Byteball has been hard at work and they recently introduced use a thon.

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You might be aware that the one of the best exchanges binance holds a voting competition known as Community Coin of the Month where you can vote for your favourite coin and if your favourite coin gets more votes than the other coins in the competition, it gets listed on binance.
Binance has opened voting for Community Coin of the Month and byteball is one of the coins you can vote for.
This is the best time to show some love towards byteball and help them get listed on binance by simply casting one vote in their favour.

You can vote for byteball here.
Open the above link and simply sign in and vote for byteball. You will be charged with a fee of 0.1 BNB.
Remember you will be eligible for a lucky draw and you might end up with some BNB coins in your wallet.
Time to return the favour and vote for byteball.

If you haven't claimed your byteball airdrop yet, follow the below link:

See the explanation of byteball airdrop here

Use smartsteem to sell and buy upvotes.


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Great post and thanks for your support. We will need all the power the community can muster to make it. But through the combined effort of Steemians like you, I know it's possible.


It is definitely possible even if only 10% of the people who claimed their airdrop vote for byteball. GoChain is looking to be the strongest among the five coins but our combined effort can put byteball up there.

Thanks for the information @syedumair. Yes, it would be nice to have byteball on binance too. I made a note to vote for it later when I can login to binance.

Informative article and i did this myself a few months ago, and is a great way for new steemit members to get hold of some free and genuine steem for your account or like myself i sent to cryptopia and played it on the trades for a while and boosted it up, current rate is going up also, probably because Bitcoin is starting a bit of rise up, maybe even a bull run we shall see! Thanks @syedumair and i fully reccomend everone to do it, its free! Cheers Kurt :)


Don't forget to vote fir byteball if you are on binance..


Hi @syedumair, no iam not on that one, checking it out now, i see it has Steem also! Cheers Kurt :)

I'm happy to the price of the byteball increased, Thanks for sharing us about the byteball.

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