Moon Face? Crescent?

3개월 전

This art was named "Moon." Immediately, I'm seeing a crescent but some of the other elements of this abstract piec make it look almost spaghetti-ish! I she's a crescent moon face.

For this I used lots of fineliners, markers, gel pens, and a dab of actual eyeshadow for her eyeshadow.

Enjoy and your interpretations of this are welcome. The art is by Terra Bildspacher. Thanks!


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That is awesome, Chelsea! @chelsea88 I was trying to figure out if you did it freehand or digitally or both?

You do such a great job of mixing the different ways of creating. I hope all is well (relatively speaking) in your world.



Thanks, It was from a coloring from an artist i really like. I used gel pens, markers, fineliners, and some cheap eyeshadow.

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