Zombiecorn & Spooktalukar Girl

2개월 전

Greetings! Yes, here we have a unicorn zombie. She's from Terra Bildspacher's "Creepers and Haunts." It is a small book with fun images that are generally quick colors but still lotsa fun. I cut her out and glued her next to her cousin from the same book:

I am probably going to continue cutting imagery from this book and start a collage since the images are smaller scale.

The notebook art of bumble pees is from a collection set on notebooks by Johanna Basford. I believe they are limited editions but i could be wrong.

For zombiecorn, I used gel crayons (they can be messy but fun for larger non- detailed areas) and they blend fantastically. I used a colored pencil for her hair & a gel pen, and fineliners for detail.

As always thanks for visiting my blog!


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Next time I go to an art supply store, I will get me colored gel pens. OH yeah, I can order them online!
Thanks for sharing your coloring art work, my friend.
Stay safe and take care 🥰🌺🤙


Thanks! My only complaint is they get dull and i don't know a super efficient way to sharpen them. They're so "gelly" a very light pressure only is needed. But makes some cool fluorescent effects. And blends very easily. I just an old cloth or thin sock. Online probably best! With all the social distancing and what not


Also note gel crayons are different then pens ;)