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Volvo Trucks’ autonomous vehicle is hauling goods in Sweden

"Volvo Trucks' autonomous vehicle Vera is ready to hit the road. In collaboration with ferry and logistics company DFDS, Vera will begin transporting goods between a logistics center and a port terminal in Gothenburg, Sweden. The vehicle will haul shipping con…"


Rivian will repurpose used EV batteries for solar power in Puerto Rico

" Rivian is known for pushing the boundaries of battery tech. Not only is the startup working on the first all-electric pickup for the US market, it's also planning "Rivian-to-Rivian" charging, which will allow its vehicles to charge each other, and it..."


HDHomeRun for Roku gives cordcutters access to live TV

" HDHomeRun is giving cordcutters a new way to watch live TV through their Roku device. Its developer, Silicondust has released a Roku channel for the service called HDHomeRun OTA Live. At the moment, it's in its early beta stages and can only play ove..."


'Doom Eternal' is guns, gore and sophistication

" The 2016 remake of Doom reinvigorated the series. It added new gameplay quirks and systems that rewarded your aggression as humanity's savior, the slayer. Depending on how you maneuvered and ended the lives of demons and other threats, you'd pick up..."


‘Shenmue 3’ is more Shenmue, for better and worse

" "Is this what I wanted?" I must have asked myself this question three, four, possibly five times during my 15-minute demo of Shenmue 3. The experience, to be clear, was definitively and unashamedly Shenmue. I steered the series' protagonist, Ryo Hazu..."


华为的 Mate X 折叠屏手机也要推迟到九月了

"三星的 Galaxy Fold 正式上架遥遥无期,这使得许多关注折叠屏幕手机的人都把目光转向了华为的 Mate X。不过根据 CNBC 最新得到的消息来看,后者似乎也没法抓住前者设计失误的机会抢占先机了。在接受采访时华为透露,他们已经决定将 Mate X 的推出时间由今夏延后至九月,因为需要更多的时间来对设备进行测试。额外的时间能让其更好地确保折叠机构的稳定性,以及在 app 适配等方面继续改进。 「我们不希望拿出一款会毁掉我们声誉的产品。」一位匿名的华为代表这么说道。从稳妥的角度出发,这确实是合情合理的举动,…"


華為的 Mate X 折疊螢幕手機也要推遲到九月了

" Samsung 的 Galaxy Fold 正式上架遙遙無期,這使得許多關注折疊螢幕手機的人都把目光轉向了華為的 Mate X。不過根據 CNBC 最新得到的消息來看,後者似乎也沒法抓住前者設計失誤的機會搶占先機了。在接受採訪時華為透露,他們已經決定將 Mate X 的推出時間由今夏延後至九月,因為需要更多的時間來對裝置進行測試。額外的時間能讓其更好地確保折疊機構的穩定性,以及在 app 適配等方面繼續改進。 「我們不希望拿出一款會毀掉我們聲譽的產品。」一位匿名的華為代表這麼說道。從穩妥的角度出發,這確實是合情…"


Bugs in a popular hospital pump may let attackers alter drug dosages

" Healthcare security firm CyberMDX has discovered two bugs affecting a popular infusion pump, allowing hijackers to remotely access and control it. Homeland Security has disclosed the vulnerabilities in the Alaris Gateway Workstation, a hospital pump that deli…"


NFC-enabled Hot Wheels cars keep tabs on which is fastest

" Hot Wheels has done a lot over the past few years to reinvent itself as a brand that's more than just little die-cast cars. We've seen remote control vehicles, augmented reality racing and even cars you build yourself. Now the brand's next step..."


Honda reveals more details about its adorable EV

" Honda unveiled its new electric car, the tiny and adorable Honda E, earlier this year, but details have been few and far between. It's slowly drip-fed features including side cameras instead of mirrors and a faux-wood paneled dashboard, but now the c..."


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