Yuelan Island

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Seaside cabin under the stars

Recently, I went to the Lunar Island event with my colleagues at the company. I would like to record what I saw. The overall feeling is better than I expected, because the word of the moon is very common when I chose my own destination. This tour guide introduced that the island was previously contracted and developed by individuals, and the facilities at that time were really poor. The government made a renewed improvement after the recovery.

Bodhi Island Pigeons in front of the Bodhi Island Visitor Center Bodhi Island Local legendary goddess

Yuetse Island is one of the three islands of Tangshan, and the other two islands are Jinsha Island (Xiangyun Island) and Bodhi Island. The Sands Island was originally a place where the country’s leaders were leisurely. Xi’an’s anti-corruption was opened to the outside world, and our trip was not included. Bodhi Island can be reached by car from the inland, mainly based on Buddhism culture. There are Foguang Pavilion, Chaoyin Temple and Chaoyang Temple on the island. It takes about two hours to walk. The temple is small and not commercialized. I heard that it can burn three incense sticks for free. We respect Buddha, do not believe in Buddha, do not take pictures, simply take a look.

Bodhi Island Fo Guang Court Bodhi Island Chaoyin Temple

Afterwards, take the Bodhi Island to the boat dock, because the island of Luna must be by boat, and take the boat for about 20 minutes. After going to the island, it is recommended to buy a battery ticket. The ticket must be kept, because this car can take you to the island (to the visitor center), the island (back to the pier), if you stay on the island, you can take you the next morning. Round the island.

Cabin in Area A with floor to ceiling windows

Accommodation on the island includes a water cabin (Moon Town Water Margin) and a small villa by the sea. The cabins are divided into several areas from A to E. The cabins in each area are different in color. I hope you can book in Area A. There are floor to ceiling windows. The wooden house is on the water. I heard that the fish in this water are heavily imported and specialize in mosquito eggs. So the mosquitoes here are really not too mad, and the mosquito repellent is also provided in the wooden house. This is very thoughtful. Here is a small experience. The cabins are connected by a plank road and surrounded by water. In this place, don't take out the bills, cash, room cards and mobile phones. If you accidentally take off your hand, This attraction is unforgettable forever...

Cabin night view Night view of Cabin A

There are not many places to eat, there is a moon-rise building, a seafood restaurant, some snack bars, and there are food stalls in the summer. Overall, the price of food and beverage is high.

Take the right side of the Lan Yue Building and go to the bathing area. We can't get into the water in the fall. The quality of the sea and beach here is generally the same, slightly stronger than the Beidaihe, slightly worse than Dalian and Shandong, and the South China Sea... oh... no more.

There is a hot spring on the island (the distance from the moon to the left) is about the same as a large swimming pool. The water is 1.2 meters high. It is a real underground hot spring and needs to buy tickets. When I go, I take a bath towel and take off my shoes at the residence. The hot springs are not available. The hot spring pool is built by the sea, and I feel very good when I look at the sea while taking a hot spring.


When I was driving around the island, I looked at the so-called small attractions. I felt that they were basically under construction. There was nothing to watch, and the sea breeze was blowing. The island can also rent a variety of transportation to explore on its own. Double and quadruple bicycles are hard to get together. It feels better to rent a regular bicycle. In addition, there are motorcycles and electric cars like Zhidou.

seaside Pick up > Seaside dusk

This time I came with the company. To be honest, I personally have little interest. I just took a few photos and recorded them here. If there are any friends who want to go, I can refer to them. The overall feeling is that the improvement here has just begun. The most basic "eat" and "residence" are a bit of a meaning. The rest are still under construction. We have seen entertainment facilities like jungle rats are under construction.

Goddess of the pier
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