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Rabb (Arabic: رب‎, Turkish: Rab, Bengali: রব্ব, Hindi: रब) is an Arabic word meaning Lord, Sustainer, Cherisher, Master, Nourisher.

Muhammad (peace be upon him)
Means "praiseworthy", derived from Arabic حمد (hamid) "to praise". This was the name of the prophet who founded the Islamic religion in the 7th century.

"Kun Fayakun"
actually is a Quranic verse referred five times in Quran.It .It is referred to symbolise God's creative power.It This term is about God's will and absolute control over every creation. In Surah Baqrah(2:117) this phrase appears as : "The Originator of the heavens and the earth.

Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel!
Allah (alone) is Sufficient for us, and what an Excellent Guardian He is!
He is the Best Disposer of affairs!

وَهُوَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ
"Unto Allah belongeth the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is therein, and He is Able to do all things."

Allah's most beautiful Name ﺍﻟﺭﺣﻴﻢ (Ar-Raheem) means that He is Merciful

Hādhā min faḍli Rabbī (Arabic: هَـٰذَا مِن فَضْلِ رَبِّي‎)
is an Arabic phrase whose translation in English nears "This is by the Grace of my Lord."
Generally speaking, the phrase is most often used to convey a sense of humility and most importantly, gratitude to God for having something, be it material or spiritual

Inna Allah jameel wa yuhibbu al-jamaal
Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty

"Fabi-ayyi ala-i rabbikuma tukaththibani"
فَبِأَيِّ آلاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ.
Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny?

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The very last example (فَبِأَيِّ آلاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ) uses what seem like printed characters. What style is this?

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