Elections are Finally Over...Time to Move On

2년 전

For those in the USA, we've been inundated with election information. Commercials on tv, flyers in the mail, Facebook posts aggressively promoting their candidate and tearing down the other.

But as of Tuesday, it's all over. The voting is over. All the signs and billboards will go away. My Spotify feed is no longer going to be filled with virulent acid in between songs on my grim-dark playlist.

And now whomever won in their given contest can get on with the business of ignoring their campaign promises and caving in to the forces that corrupted everyone that came before them.

Us folks in the daily trenches won't really notice a difference in the lesser of two evils.

Masthead pic from a hiking adventure west of Denver, Colorado.

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epic nature always puts in perspective the things that we think are "important"...


Epic nature or death always puts things in perspective. So much of what we're concerned about in life barely matters once you start looking at the big picture.

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

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