Equestrian Camping - Lake Panasoffkee, FL

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So the wife and I traveled the long and arduous miles from Florida to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving last week. About 1600 miles one way, probably ended up at about 3500 miles of total driving during that week. That's a lot. We did, however, pay nothing in hotel costs. Our first day of travel was essentially just a night, where we traveled about four hours from where we are in South Florida to just past Orlando.

Lake Panasoffkee, FL

This little park is actually an equestrian campground and park, with camping for tents and RVs, as well as lots of horse trails and walking trails and all that. The regular official campsites (with fire rings and a real parking spot) are private, but limited availability and require a reservation. But I discovered the equestrian camping part of it...is essentially just a giant field and trees. Pick a spot to park and setup, and that's your campsite. Sweet.

We pulled in at about 11pm that Friday night, and it was as quiet as a cemetary. We had no idea what it would look like in the morning, so I picked something that faced east so we could catch the sunrise.

I think we got lucky. This park is Landwhale Approved.

Sunrise in the great outdoors!

Beautiful misty clear morning.

Pretty much nobody around. There was one horse trailer in the way distance, but that was it.

Oh, and some giant egret/crane type birds, enjoying the silence.

Landwhale Approved.


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Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

I love it! Landwhale approved.

That's a heck of a lot of driving. But it sounds like it was peaceful. Were you inspired by your camping adventures to buy a horse? Could the landwhale pull a horse trailer?


Why would I need a horse when I have a whale?

I've never been keen on the idea of owning horses. It seems they're just designed to soak up time and money, and life is complicated enough without adding extra beasts to the mix (obviously just my opinion, of course)


Ha ha. Well of course I was kidding. But the landwhale really would be cute if it was pulling a trailer!


The wife has always kind of wanted horses. They're very impractical...but the upside would be that if we had a mechanical breakdown on the Landwhale we could just unload the horses and continue onwards. :)


Ha ha! Yes you could. Time to buy some spurs!


That's why you acquire servants first.


You're right. I need some slaves...er....servants. Children? This is what children are for.

That is proper travelling! Staying in nature, having your own hut on wheels with ya... okay 3500 miles in a week is kind of a lot hahahahah


It seems whenever we travel we're always on a schedule. I don't mind 3500 miles...if it were spread out over the course of a couple months :)

Sweet spot , nice to get away and do some camping. We like camping alot as well.

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Definitely a nice spot. We'll be going back so we can spend some more time there.

Hi, Neg!

Those are some lovely morning photos...

They remind me that Florida is still about as flat as I remember it. ;)

How are your assorted projects coming along?

Kindest regards,

- @creatr




Thanks! You don't realize how flat the lower half of the state is until you take a pic from the middle of the state and realize you can see the ocean. (slight exaggeration, of course)

Still plowing ahead on various projects, still hanging in there. How's life at your end of the country?

What did the egrets taste like?