Cannabis (CANN) has Likely or is Close to Completing a Complex Correction

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Cannabis (CANN/BTC) has most likely reached or passed the mid poin of a rounding price formation (white arrow). If the first fractal can be a rough guide of price progression, the complex correction wxyxz shows that once the z wave is complete, the pattern is likely to be more than 2/3 done. The right side wall of the round price formation should be initiated soon.

The closeup shows that the subwaves for now confirm that the wxyxz (red) are likely placed and complete. The white abc subwaves of the red (z) wave subdivides well and show that the bottom potential is higher; though continued sideways action can also be likely. An incremental lower low would only re-assign the (z) wave position but keep unchanged the destination.

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Interesting. Can you elaborate?

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It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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Interesting. Can you elaborate?


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Interesting. Can you elaborate?

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I appreciate it. As an analyst, I need to call it as I see em.

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