Commencent Post For Curation Of The Cannabis Community


Starting today, Canna-Curate will be voting original content with @steemcurator04, an account with 200,000 Sp!


Starting off we talked about having our up vote be worth over a dollar. Well for the month of May, it will be! I wish I can throw 100% at everyone, but the way voting power works, that will not be possible. Starting off it looks like I will be able to dish out higher votes, but I suspect going further into the month, I will have more content to divide the voting power amongst.




There is a big problem of interaction, and it is just not Steem. People have gotten so used to double tapping a post, or pic then moving on. I want to encourage interaction between members on the Steem platform. So don't just dump your post, and move on. Go out there and check out someones grow, ask questions. You might be just learn somthing. Go out there, ask someone, "How is there day", you may just make a friend for life! I will be on the look out for interaction, and hitting that up vote button.

Let's have some fun!

It is not often that someone is gifted a 200k delegation. Especially for the cannabis community. So let's take advantage of this, and make the month of May ours! So get our there, and let's turn Steem green!




Delegators: @abrockman, @amymya, @ArtisticScreech, @batman0916, @bethvalverde, @billmega, @blind-spot, @Bluntsmasha, @chey, @choosefreedom, @cindyhartz, @cyemela , @darkprince66, @dashroom, @davedickeyyall, @deanpiecka, @derekrichardson, @dylanhobalart, @dynamicgreentk, @d-vine, @ELAmental, @ericwilson, @fatkat, @feri1 @foodforestbot, @futuremind, @g1ntoken, @hafizullah, @hotsauceislethal, @igel2017, @jgvinstl, @jonyoudyer, @justinparke, @kid4life, @kimmysomelove42, @k0wsk1, @krazypoet, @loonatic, @luegenbaron, @madbiker, @mandyfroelich, @mondoshawan, @movingman, @mraggaj, @vintherinvest, @myklovenotwar, @olafurthor, @pataty69, @paradigmprospect, @phusionphil, @prettynicevideo, @rakkasan84, @rawpride, @runridefly, @senattor, @skylinebuds, @soluce07, @steemleaves, @talhatariq, @tauras, @thelogicaldude, @yogajill, @vibesforlife, @VIPservice, @wxzurd

Trail Makers:@jonyoudyer, @Bluntsmasha, @conradino23, @ELAmental, @netgodbeerus, @cannabiscurator, @realkiki85, @doctorspence, @darkprince66, @cannaqueen, @hiatus, @tilestar, @naturalfox, @canna-collective, @deary, @foodforestbot, @nikema, @Tafgongthe1st, @loryluvszombies, @spicedlife, @gjones15, @mrunderstood, @benzeta, @stoned2thebone, @cannafarms, @thegreenhouse, @cultivar, @brockmorris, @ganjagirl, @MadPotters, @chey, @growingassets, @the-haze, @skylinebuds, @gingy710, @growroom, @kootsmedtree, @cowboyblazerfan, @suheri, @imammudarifqi, @grow-pro, @winnerchris, @twirlspin, @pdxlove, @cannabis-news, @cannuration, @steem420, @socialmisfit, @ambiguity, @phoenixwren, @batman0916, @greenfooteCO, @ceattlestretch, @njweedman, @superwoman916, @movement19, @bengiles, @growroom, @elderson, @hemp-lord, @deadisdead, @coffeebuds, @gregorypatrick, @asonintrigue, @freedomtribe, @bembelmaniac, @mango-juice, @oh-high-mark, @stonerfeed, @kaz2305, @veteranforcrypto, @rebeccaryan, @bigriffsbongrips, @spicedlife,, @dilwhosaskin, @argenisapaz, @sapphic, @paradigmprospect, @vegangod, @qwoyn, @borofreak, @sunnydays-r-over, @kawa23, @caperf35, @yogajill, @dynamicsteemians, @khackett, @zuculuz, @cannajess, @theywenttojareds, @moniroy, @mjgeeks, @cannabisrawuncut, @cannacannacanna, @koh, @ghro, @kennyboobs, @forstellaford, @eatmeat, @ssdgm, @too-short, @turd-ferguson, @npcvegantifa, @sharkmonsters, @uptoker, @theduskinus, @highdoulikememes, @buysmoke, @em3di, @vaporrhino, @prettynicevideo, @props4crops, @mary-jane, @badasshomelife, @highroadseeds, @cody758, @fixedbydoc, @pennsif, @twistedcheshire, @tyler-ai, @annitakoxx, @midgeteg, @moneymind420, @appalachain, @stickyfingerz, @guysofcannabis, @cheaphomegrow, @thehempinghand, @heatherhemp, @chey, @seeker214, @goodcontentbot2, @justinashby, @holysmoke777, @hippyman, @ogmike, @tribe-alive, @peace-love-happy, @GanjaGrrl420, @bjseedcompany, @smoke-grow-cup, @thehempcoin, @steinz, @dejan.vucovic, @trevado, @melanson, @anarchy999, @cryptohustlin, @steemvpn, @natha93, @mondoshawan, @artaxx, @exterminio08, @ghosthunter1, @tribevibes, @dracusone, @greencross, @jeffjagoe, @deardabby420, @weedcleaner, @stever82, @weedcash, @cindyhartz, @robinsonr810, @drazeus, @meanbees, @relaylogix, @fknmayhem, @greencross, @pibyk, @greenhouseradio, @bluemaskman, @gamemods, @freedomring, @onelovesteem, @evernoticethat, @d00k13, @dr-autoflower, @mattsanthonyit, @vipservice, @x782, @smf37, @motherofalegend, @reekadank, @skylinebuds, @budwizard, @galsofcannabis, @picyoudyer,, @breaking-nugs, @truthabides, @highproduction, @pneumaluna82, @davidamsterdam, @vault.tokens, @highproduction, @reverendrum, @briggsy, @saboin, @kommanderinkief, @undergroundmod, @techken, @cryptozdk, @battleaxe, @weedcash.rewards


Hit that banner, to come network, and chill with like minded people.

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This has been one of the most supportive communities I've come to know on Steem.

I delegated 1000 SP to @canna-curate and 1000 to @steemcurator04

I have no doubts in my mind it will be utilized properly.

Thank you for helping keep Steem alive, and of course, for supporting cannabis enthusiasts!


Oh shit thanks man! Mad respect

This is so cool! Really happy for you. Canna por vida!


Si mon!!!!!

  ·  작년

Hi @canna-curate, really like your post and there are good advises for users, absolutely agree with you that many people just post and do not do much, but without interaction with each other and encouragement. I hope you will have many great posts and people who you want to award, in our field there are plenty so we are really busy, good luck with your curation!

  ·  작년

Awesome! Good luck with the curation and I look forward to the posts from the cannabis community! Occasionally, I like to smoke a nice joint myself and visit a social club in the area. STEEM ON!


Thank you! I am so excited. Just did my first round of curation. Will be getting back to it soon. At first I was thinking I did not have a good amount of cannabis content to hit at first, but actually I was wrong. So excited!

good news for the canna community, right on


Heck yeah man! Looking forword to hitting some Steem exclusive content from you as well.

So glad it all is working out. It is exciting times to say the least


Thanks Tecnosgirl!!

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Looking forward to this, you all deserve it. Let's see how this changes the community.




!giphy curation


Giphy fail with "curation." Not what I had in mind...


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Hey @canna-curate, here is a little bit of BEER from @justinparke for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you for being a pioneer Community Curator.

Have fun!

The Steemit Team


Thank you for the opportunity once again!

Fantastic.... where should we post ? Maybe there should be a Canna-Curate Community ?


Post to the Weedcash Community for now bro


Ok. I will do that.