Community Curator Weekly Update(Steemcurator04)



Hello Steem! One week as passed since we where awarded the account loaded with 200,000 Steem Power, @steemcurator04. First let me start off and give thanks to @steemitblog for this great opportunity. We know things are a little rough at the moment, but we are glad to be part of the re growth of Steem. With that said let's take a look at this past week's curation.

Voting %

I am not letting the vote% drop no more to 88% for the day. Keeping it at this % ensures me that the VP will recharge back to 100% while I sleep. If I was to go overboard and drop it any lower, there will be a point I will have to let VP recharge for 24 hours. That would mean that many will miss out on getting votes from the @steemcurator04 account. Yes I can probably go crazy, and not worry about %, but what is the purpose of being a whale when your VP is always drained? Not a very effective way of being a curator.

Screenshot (14).png

53 accounts, and 142 up votes in the past 7 days

Not to bad considering that posting is down all around for all communities. My goal for the next week is to have over 100 accounts. Interaction is something is very important for a social media platform. In fact most people would rather have a meaningful comment, then a 1$ up vote! So I am monitoring interaction in the cannabis community, and giving out 7%-9% upvotes on comments. Sometimes more if the comment is truly from the heart. You would also be surprised on how far a comment goes. We started with 200,000 Sp for this curator account, but someone who loves to support the cannabis community found out about this project, and dropped a 1,000Sp delegation! Thanks @futuremind!

My style of curation

All post's I vote I am leaving behind the comment, "This post has been rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project. #communitycuration04." I then do my best to leave behind a meaningful comment with the Canna-Curate account. I am not leaving behind any comments on the comments I upvoted with Steemcurator04, only on post's. As of now I have upvoted 85 actual post's, and all comments left can be seen here. If your curious, go to each post, and click the full context, and see all comments left behind by @canna-curate. This is my signature, to let people know that Canna is Steemcurator04. There are a few posts that I did not leave a comment on, but that was only because it was morning, and I have not had my coffee yet, ;)

Ok let's take a look at some of the highlights of the past week!



Author: @dr-autoflower

@dr-autoflower has 3 strains that are living in optimal conditions. It is always nice to see grow logs being published to Steem. Once published to the blockchain, it is there forever. Which is perfect for a grower to go back on, and see what he, or she did wrong, or what they did right. Another great thing about having grow logs, is it can teach people how to grow themselves. Or even another grower can come along and give advice in the comments. Thanks for sharing your grow with us Dr! Go give him a follow and see his plants blossom into medicine!


Setting the mood right

Author: @adriansky


@adriansky always has the most beautiful photo's! Not to mention some amazing cannabis! Steem is a great platform for photographers, not only can they hone in their skills, and have their peers view their work, but they can get feedback in the comments. Not to mention they might make a little bit of change for doing so. Thank's Adrian for sharing your passion with us! To see more of his work, give him a follow!


Weed Moments with Chrono

Author: @chronocrypto


@chronocrypto has came up with a Steem exclusive series in honor of Cannabis month here on the block chain! I really appreciate the personal touch he has added to this series. No formulas, nor no copy and pasting, just his thoughts, and some cannabis. Thanks Chrono for being a nice robot from the future, ;) Everyone, go him a follow



Author: @mraggaj


Always great to see strain reviews, no matter where you read them. But being on the Steem is even better! Not only can someone who loves cannabis make a little bit of crypto for sharing what they are smoking on, but it is something that will be there for people's viewing pleasure! Move over Leafly, the block chain will be the future of strain data bases! Thanks for sharing Mr. Aggaj, everyone you love reviews? Give this guy a follow now!


Show Me The Nugporn Contest #1

Author: @skylinebuds


Hard not to curate this post! This is a contest, that is currently active!! Very simple rules.

He is on a mission to get the Reddit cannabis community to Steemit. That is something that I am 100% for! Thank's Skyline, and people what are you waiting for, go join now!


Mint Chocolate Chip

Author: @galsofcannabis


Here is an entry to The Nugporn Contest. Always great to see people come out and join in on the fun! As you can see, you also can get a decent up vote for joining. I hope to see more!


More about Mighty The top part opens mechanically, and it has this space for we ...

Author: @sabedisso


Appics posts has been easy one's to vote. For one it is a small % of vote. Two, supporting a great project like @appics is a no brainer! Here is their Telegram link. Get in there and request access today!


Working Class Hero - John Lennon - Futuremind Cover

Author: @futuremind


Here is a non cannabis related post, rather cannabis inspired. Music is life. Futuremind is a dedicated Steemian who puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Keep on making that sweet music Future! Everyone, go and listen today!


Goals for the next 7 days

  • SIgn up at least 10 new people(and get them to post!)
  • Hit over a 100 unique accounts
  • Hit over double amount of post's
  • See more interaction!


There have been some great Steem exclusive post's the past week. Thank you to all who are contributing something to the community. It can be better though! I want to see more cannabis post's out there. In fact sometimes I need to burn VP% and browse the Steemit feed and vote on non-cannabis content. Not saying I don't like to do that. Especially someone who is new to the platform. Actually I love that part! What I am saying is, come on cannabis people, get out there and start posting!


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Best thing to happen to the cannabis community on STEEMIT!


I agree raw! It just sucks that the old witnesses really screwed this place up, and posting is down. Has been for a very long time. Hopefully we can get more active members here.

Great first week for @steemcurator04

The stats don't lie


Yeah the curation is very effective. More people are posting, and more are doing Steem exclusive posts. One thing I am on the fence about, is if someone posts to Steem first, but then copy and pasted that post to somewhere else, is that a Steem exclusive as well? This is a debate worth having. But I fell it is fair to all parties involved to give a platform separate material. Should be an interesting week ahead. Thanks for your comment.

good work and good stats voting wise for week 1!

Keep up the good work

Nice! Keep up the great work. Seen some of your upvotes around, including on some of my posts/comments. I continue to post to Steem and consider it an important platform.
Peace... and lots of weed! : D


Back at you! Glad you still consider Steem an important place. I think you know we value your content very much.

Thank you for the curation and shout out!
Much love!


Thanks for all you do for Steem!

  ·  작년

Hi @canna-curate group it looks to be very busy time and amazing how many posts you have in your tag. Like the way you presented every posts with a lot of interest for the users and nice description, obviously your community is really happy to be able to get proper reward. Great job and wishing you more power for the next 3 weeks!


Thank you for your kind words! I am happy with what I am seeing, and am giving out nice votes. I do wish there where more. It’s also hard to find non cannabis posts, since it is hard for me to see if they are on Hive too. With the cannabis content, I have a good idea what is Steem exclusive and what isn’t.

Thanks for the shout out. This is an epic post. Maybe needs to become a weekly thing for canna curate account?


Deal! I will start doing these more often.

YO! So happy for @canna-curate and its community for finally getting the steem powered support it deserves. It feels like a great time to GROW on steem once again.

Thanks for the support!

Peace and love!


Hey no problem! This is what this is all about. We need to grow the cannabis community!