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In the Pursuit of Money:

The Bitcoin heist still hurting the bottom line. No longer care about the price of crypto gold. Only hope for the downfall for those responsible in cleaning out my wallet.

Steem and Hive are much safer. The company continues to build assets through this blog. Only we vow not to power down so once again we are left with little cash on hand at this moment.

Hemp, once thought of as the road to financial freedom has become bogged down in a new shift in the political will of the United States. Illegal grows are responsible for the drought and wildfires. Of course it’s a scapegoat for politicians that can’t solve the problem. Yet this gives them a familiar path to follow that plays well with voters and can put off any real action to solve anything.

Unfortunately, what they should be doing is using all of the biomass to make things like paper and plastic. Not doing so is only going to make the issue of climate change worse as the years go on. We can only wait for next years fire season to see the result of policy.

There’s also a move to lump Hemp and marijuana together again. Illegal grows can be held responsible for this as well since they sometimes use legal Hemp as a cover for growing marijuana. God knows who’s smoking all this marijuana with dispensaries doing record breaking business. This also means record breaking tax revenue that goes into an unaccounted for slush fund. At least this could help pay carbon offsets, that’s a joke.

In all earnestness it keeps Hemp and marijuana legal. Politicians and law enforcement are protecting their cash cow now. Yet any idea of using this plant for textile production has almost died out. This blog being one of the last beacons of hope in pushing forth the idea so that others can pick the flag up off the bloody ground and continue the charge toward cannon fire in the hope of creating a green sustainable economy of the future.

Another road block to business is the China and Russian alliance in the works. They’ve begun to act as one military force patrolling their third of the world. Bitcoin could have paid off the national debt so China puts and end to it. Semi-conductors are the new rubber of Vietnam. A new World War could unfold because Taiwan is where the semi-conductors are made. Russian throwing in with China to destabilize American influence that’s been dominate since World War 2.

Space is also at stake. Future manned missions to the moon being undermined by corporations and the head start we had over foreign governments is slipping away. Soon we might not land on the moon anymore due to the threat of nuclear war. American must lay down its hand in Christian faith to give its shirt to the enemy.

As we’ve talked about before we’re becoming a third world country. Our debt is the weight that we soon can no longer bear. Russia and China have surplus in capital. Their authoritarian rule doesn’t give in to the bleeding heart liberals spending. We are doomed to fail.

From A to Z has seen this the entire time. The company has done everything within its power to keep American on top as we continue into the future of mankind. Only the mountain is too steep.

We are left with only faith in God and our allies around the globe. What we shall become is unknown. Either way it could mean the end of civilization. Or by some miracle a green new future where planet Earth is clean for future generations and we are allowed to colonize the solar system peacefully in preparation for the star jump that must take place in a million years.

Thank you,
Cyrus Emerson
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