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Making Money:

From A to Z remains in the black through all of the economic turmoil, after being spun off by the previous owner, and returned to the original owner.

We’re blessed with low expenses after the Bitcoin robbery that depleted most of the company’s savings. We forge ahead into the unknown.

Of course semiconductors are the key to global security right now. There’s a chance for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Semiconductors could be made better in the U.S. using Hemp. They won’t do it of course. Now the rhetoric of nuclear war, and a chance for China to become the dominant force in the world.

What’s stopping them? There are many countries that border them at this time benefitting from the status quo. The U.S. military remains capable. Japan even enjoys great relations with Taiwan. India might join in the fight from the west.

Russia remains on the sidelines with a Chinese invasion and the threat of NATO. It could end with the same results.

Oil is the main culprit with China now the #1 importer of oil, while remaining the #1 Hemp producer, a troubling sign. Only oil is the fuel for military vehicles at this time. Control over fuel means control over military might. The China Sea a strategic point securing an oil route from the middle east. Russian doesn’t need it as much.

The switch to electric isn’t going well since there’s a massive drain on already scarce resources. Hemp could help step in, only they need more than Hemp or oil to maintain current energy usage around the globe. To do so environmentally is not obtainable at this time without an alternative energy source like hydrogen. Only it needs to be created through “green” methods. Otherwise, you can save a lot of time and money continuing to use gasoline.

There’s always the nuclear option. Only the reality is that it makes us vulnerable to fallout. Not the best solution or else everyone would have been onboard years ago.

War and the destruction of technologically competing civilizations might give the edge to a few select countries to be empowered with the last remaining resources. This seems to be the China and Russia approach. While the U.S. and its allies want to empower every country to have a stake in the future in the hopes of a new resource becoming available to saves us from this mess. We can’t count China and Russia out yet though. We are still at peace.

Biden ties the working class future to Russia and OPEC’s oil production. We are all a team globally. It also deflects political pressure domestically. Biden can always depend on American oil producers demanding to open the pipes. He seems to be suppressing the 1% as a first goal towards ending climate change.

While free market capitalism works in theory it needs to be circumvented to solve a crisis. Or another way of looking at it is that technology has been stifled for generations to keep the oil economy strong. Since nothing can replace it on scale. Just at the community level limiting central control at a time when it needed to be developed in order to free us from the stone ages and into the digital era.

Even so that technology fails to solve the central problem of a single energy source that can sustain billions of people living on planet Earth. The problem being oil has a limited life span of a couple of hundred years, at a time when people around the globe want to continue growing for millions of years into the future.

From A to Z is doing its part to develop that solution that fits the needs of all. Hemp and cryptocurrency are the current sponsors of that mission. The Hemp satellite that circles the Earth continues to be a symbol of the future we hope to create.

We now need Hemp satellites orbiting every planet and moon in our solar system. Also the sun. Eyes and ears everywhere. Robots mining. Humans where appropriate. We have so much work to do. Only we are still in need of a green sustainable energy source that allows us to complete this mission while making money and doing the things we all want to do. While at the same time cooperating with the natural environment in a way that maintains our health.

What could next week bring? More of the same most likely. Yet there’s always a chance that From A to Z gets a profitable contract propelling us in the direction we want to go.

Thank you,
From A to Z
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