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Russia: The Last Redneck State:

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the thinking behind the Russian state. They have one of the largest countries in the world with a population half that of the United States, or about 10% of China’s population. Yet they are unable to accept the refugees they push forward onto the Polish border.

Yes, it’s a humanitarian crisis. Only why does Russia refuse responsibility as a global power and move these desperate people to Siberia to live in the wilderness.

They say that Russian troops are staging on the Ukrainian border. A pincer move in the making to cut off the rest of Ukraine from the European Union, NATO, and the West.

Once again, why?

They’re a rich country with tons of real estate. They’re a bunch of white hillbillies in the woods shooting off missiles that destroy satellites that threaten the future of space exploration. While at the same time manning the International Space Station and selling oil to Europe at record prices.

If they want to add to their population through immigration then take in the refugees on the Polish border and assimilate them into Russian culture?

Is it because we are Americans that we are unable to understand this drive to empower the Russian State and its President through military conquest? Are we really unable to work together peacefully? Is war the only answer?

That is the world at this time today. Tomorrow everything could change once again. It could be that Russia only helped speed up the need for a Space Junk cleanup corporation that gets paid through carbon tax credits. From A to Z is recovering from bankruptcy because of the man they’ve already partnered with to make it work.

Would a Hemp satellite hit with a missile create the same type of debris that’s harmful to space equipment? Another question that can only be resolved through testing. Maybe when it has reached its current service limit we can have a country blow it out of the sky for the company.

Once again thanks to our sponsors like the blockchain. Only the competition there might be going in the Hive direction. The creative coders left Steem for Hive and learned from Steem what makes it vulnerable. That could be why it’s priced twice as high at the moment. It’s not being destroyed by bot payouts. A smaller community minded enterprise that keeps the currency valuable to people that participate in blog creation as it was meant to be from the start.

Next week maybe we’ll dive into the mysterious bombings in China that have gone unreported? This ahead of the Olympics. A resurgence in Coronavirus cases could force us back underground into the Newsroom bunker. Does Russia make the move into the Ukraine in coordination with a Chinese invasion of Taiwan?

Right now the price of oil is dropping after President Biden called out the oil corporations for price gouging under the guise of limited supplies. We just didn’t want to destroy the environment. Only the Gulf of Mexico is already a mess so drill baby drill. Even as the ability to rework existing oil wells that have been abandoned exists with new technology. There’s even the ability to process oil from sand.

Yet as we’ve discovered watching global political events unfold from the lens of anti-Hemp to the point of Earth’s destruction anything is possible. If you look back at the blog you’ll see where we talked about the Biden Administration abandoning environmental policies for financial gain and it’s just happened this week.

The transition to green needs to be profitable and work in order for it to happen. Otherwise we’ll always keep a toe in the oil well. Either way it’s the same as going extinct. We can lose our modern civilization through the inability to fuel it, or the masses can just die off and leave the few people with the most know how a last stand to figure it all out. People like the Russians.

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