Raging Bull: Summer Writing Episode 5

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Raging Bull

A raging bull stood on the cement walkway now, with nostrils flaring. Intense eyes radiating the mean feelings of the four-legged beast. Then the fireworks went off, sending Henry Bear running downhill and the bull after him.

Thankfully, the sun still sat languidly on the horizon. It’s lazy orange sunrays illuminating the small coastal community in the Atlantic Ocean. Above, the lights of fireworks mixed in with the navy blue sky, a place where the sun no longer had energy to shine upon.

The effects of this lighting scheme played well on the plain white walls of the simple village. Shadows from wooden barrels defined in one direction; created a haze in the other direction. Only none of this hindered Henry Bear from navigating the new found pathway.

And so, Henry Bear ran downhill, frightened of the raging bull that had just surprised him a moment ago. Its hooves clicking and clacking into the cement.

Ahead, Henry Bear kept his sight on the dock extending into the seawater. The smell of meat cooking in the summer air. The sounds of a carnival atmosphere, as onlookers watched Henry Bear run passed with a large raging bull on his heels.

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, had already taken place more than a month ago. Henry Bear ran through the streets of Terceira, on the Azores Islands of Portugal. The raging bull festival did take place on the island today, and right at that moment more bulls were released onto the streets, only nearer to the docks as tradition allowed.

How this raging bull, now chasing Henry Bear, had appeared on the pathway above the marina could be left to speculation. Yet Henry Bear’s mind shot out a name: Robert York.

Henry Bear really began to exert himself now. Even with the adrenaline he could feel the effort of breathing as he tried to maintain his pace of a full out sprint. His aging dad body tightening with sharp stabs of pain.

Some people crowded around him joining in the run. Others laughed in the background. More screams of jubilation as another crowd ran from a bull toward the sea.

While the feeling of the festival took away the fear of death, he still ran like mad, with the thought of being impaled by the raging bull driving him forward. One fierce step in front of another, as the crowd competed for space on the cement ground that’s covered in water at high tide. Henry Bear almost lost his balance, only to be picked up by the spirit of the locals, a mob of enthusiastic prey for the raging bull.

Now the multitude of hurried steps hit a new pitch with the wood dock underfoot. People began to peel off jumping into the water on the right or left. Henry Bear continued straight down the middle irrationally determined to race to the end of the dock.

All the while, the raging bull kicked on the beaten path. It stampeded down the dock becoming the epicenter of this festival that pitted man versus bull. A sense of awe captured the spectators with a view to witness the event.

Henry Bear reached the end of the dock, jumping into the ocean, while at the same time maintaining his manic wind sprint. The effect hilarious for some. Only the raging bull still pursued falling into the water. This action drew gasps of concern because the mighty bulls cannot swim.

Some brave sailors in a berthed boat nearby, rushed to the end of the dock using mooring lines in a lasso to ensnarl the raging bull, and pulled it ashore. This ensured that nothing had been harmed.

Henry Bear treaded water, watching the monster being dragged away to keep it from drowning.

A Duffy boat slowly made its way to Henry Bear, as he swam to the dock, and lifted himself out of the water.

“That was impressive!” A well dressed man called out standing in the Duffy boat. He held a glass bottle of beer and smiled.

“Thanks, only I didn’t mean to become a showcase at this year’s festival.”

“Ha, ha, good sport. Tourist?”

“Business. I’m looking for a European Associate.”

“Henry Bear! Look no further, your European Associate is here.”

To be continued…
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A dramatic way to meet his new business contact. Hopefully the new guy is not also of the house of York.

Great story!!! I loved this one.