Pear Tree: Summer Writing Episode 8

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Pear Tree

The pear tree provided shade for the entire Bear family now sitting on a blanket enjoying a Sunday picnic. Not too far off, the charred remains of the old barn captured their attention as if it were a television playing in the background.

It had almost been a year since the attack helicopter had torched the place with a flamethrower. No Hemp had been planted this year. All the fields were tilled, only nothing had been planted, Henry Bear felt the need for a year of relaxation as he thought about the future without Hemp.

When the old barn burned down he’d lost about 10 acres of Hemp. Henry Bear had still managed to cut and dry another 30 acres, yet it all proved to be worthless. At this time, Hemp mostly got used for CBD products that weren’t FDA approved. He had been trying to develop textile uses for his Hemp; Robert York put an end to that avenue.

“Glad there’s no smoke today,” said Jenny Bear, as she finished making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and handed it to their young son. Their twin girls had harvested yellow flowers on the walk to the pear tree and now sat making a dandelion chain.

“Yes, glad the smoke finally cleared. Sounds like the fire’s going to keep growing though. It could make it’s way here if the wind shifts in this direction.”

“Without a crop in the ground we don’t need to worry about the fire too much. So that’s a good thing.” Jenny Bear said, trying to put a positive spin on the situation.

“That’s true,” Henry Bear followed suit, as he looked up toward the sun shining through the green leaves of the pear tree. The pears were not fully developed and were fastened to the tree like round steel rivets. “The pear tree might burn down though, so there’s still that to worry about, if the fire makes it all the way over here.”

Jenny Bear laughed at the thought, only as she looked at the children taking a mental picture of this moment, she felt a twinge of pain thinking of the pear tree being scorched.

“I know we only planted the pear tree here to fertilize the ground with the fruit, only after today, this pear tree will always remain in my memory. The thought of all of us being back together after all you’ve endured is a cherished time now and forever,” said Jenny Bear.

“Then I should take a picture. This wildfire season could be worse than last year. It’s only a matter of time before a fire makes it’s way here, and burns this pear tree to the ground,” Henry Bear said as he stood up. He walked about 10 yards toward the old barn then turned around.

Before him sat Jenny Bear and their three children wearing Sunday best outfits. Dappled sunlight from the pear tree’s limbs sprinkled down on them. All around: their land.

Henry Bear used his phone to capture the moment, then uploaded it to social media, tagging Jenny Bear before sitting back down.

At that moment Jenny Bear put her hand over Henry Bear’s and smiled.

“It’s OK, we’re luckier than most Henry. We don’t have to work. All we must do concerns raising our children. They’re not do for school for another year. Hopefully the pandemic will end by that time. We should do something extraordinary together.”

“We could sail around the world in our yacht? That’s if you’re no longer afraid of sharks.”

“Yes Henry, you’re not the only one to have a brush with death this last year. Let’s do it!”

The children suddenly gave their parents’ conversation attention.

“That’s right kiddos, we’re going on a trip around the world before you girls begin kindergarten. It will be educational I assure you.” His twin daughters laughed, while his little boy looked around in wonder not exactly sure of what it all meant.

While Henry Bear still felt upset that Hemp couldn’t find a way to become a sustainable resource for civilization, he could find solace in his children living on after him, and knew that he would now train them in survival techniques in preparation of an apocalyptic event.

The end.
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Red Roses, Read by Kira Omans

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