Golden Summer: Summer Writing Episode 4

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Golden Summer

The marigold flowers extended from the glass vase in the kitchen window, making it a golden summer on Puget Sound, for the Bear household.

Mr. Sinclair called the neighborhood, where waves gently lapped on the docks, “the village”. More than a month ago, an attack helicopter had nearly clipped the roof, as it raced out to his back 40 to destroy the old barn.

Now Henry Bear washed the dishes, after a golden summer meal, reunited with his wife and their three children. He had just returned from Japan and a business meeting with Mr. Fujimoto. Mr. Fujimoto would launch his Hemp satellite into space to test its systems, only for a long term arrangement, he needed to seek out a European associate of his.

As these thoughts filled Henry Bear’s mind, he looked out at Puget Sound beyond the marigold flowers, the water glinting with sun rays. There were small boats, ships, and even ferries moving people around from Seattle to the nearby islands. A sight he had familiarized himself with during his years of residence in this home.

“Thanks for remembering my favorite flowers,” said Jenny Bear, as she hugged him from behind. She squeezed him a little tighter aware of the recent dangers they had faced.

“The marigolds really brighten the atmosphere,” said Henry Bear. As a Native American from further east in the state of Washington, he knew the flowers were not from this area, otherwise they might be gray to match the rain clouds that most often filled the sky. Yet on this golden summer day, the marigolds highlighted the accents of the warm watery edges of Puget Sound.

“What a nice late afternoon, the smoke from the forest fires has even cleared out. You’re lucky you missed the heatwave. Some older people passed away in Seattle because they didn’t have AC.” Jenny Bear continued as if in a dream; content with the meal they’d just shared after so many weeks apart.

“Yes, it’s unreal to learn that happened here. In Japan, the humidity nearly drained me of all the fluids in my body. Only that’s something you might expect there. This recent heatwave here, can only be from climate change as the Governor stated. That’s why our work remains more important than ever.”

“A Hemp satellite can’t solve anything on Earth silly.” Jenny Bear said giving him a kiss on the neck.
They both looked at the marigold flowers on the window sill, staying fresh in water.

Henry Bear unlocked his wife’s embrace as he turned around to face her. He could see the children on the other end of the kitchen island, in the open space living room, watching cartoons. Now he locked his eyesight on Jenny Bear’s eyes. The two staring deep into each other’s souls before he closed his eyes and kissed her on the lips. When he finished, he drew back opening his eyes again to look at her. She moved her head, and Henry Bear could see the marigolds in the moist reflection of her shining eyes.

“Hemp satellites are just one aspect of this adventure my love. You know better than anyone else that we need a break. Hemp’s been legal for a couple of years now, and there’s not a single corporation ready to purchase it in bulk to replace their existing manufacturing materials. It’s been relegated to a source of CBD only,” Henry Bear said, with signs of frustration engraved on his face.

“It’s true, when we got my great-grandfather’s design for the Hemp car, I thought we had made it. That’s been years ago now. You even had the genius to create Hemp graphene, as an affordable solution to carbon fiber graphene, to be used as a supercapacitor for hydrogen fuel cell cars…”

“And then they decide they want all electric.” Henry Bear said, finishing his wife’s sentence.

“So what are we going to do?” Jenny Bear said seriously. Now meeting his gaze.

“I have to go to Europe and press the Hemp satellite idea, since that’s been gaining traction. Then hopefully we can get some real exposure that allows us to circle back to hydrogen fuel cells. That’s what makes the most sense in solving the climate issue. If we can get people in cars that have water exhaust, then our children can have a real future, and heal the scars of rising temperatures. Not to mention Covid-19.” Henry Bear said, looking passed his wife again, at the children.

“You’re traveling to Robert York’s neck of the woods. Even as the CEO of Lycon Oil, he doesn’t seem too concerned with our lives Henry Bear.”

“You’re absolutely right. It’s a Fortune 500 company, and yet he sends an attack helicopter, then a Frenchman to poison me. One Olympian died on that train from the chocolate cake he’d put the cyanide in. And yet, I’ve been unable to connect these events in a court of law to Robert York’s defense.”

“Be careful Henry Bear. We want you to save the world. Not get yourself killed.”

To be continued…
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Red Roses, Read by Kira Omans

How I Feel, Lofi Vocals Mix:

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You've got a really interesting story going on here! So the barn on the back 40 was destroyed by an entity that does not want hemp to succeed in the market?


Exactly! The anti Hemp lobby. Red Roses is a prequel, as Richard III is an ancestor to Robert York the CEO of Lycon Oil.

I've been working on this story since 2008. It's really starting to take shape. Need to get Final Pro software and hammer out a screenplay.


Ah yes of course, the Red and the White. I've missed a few score of them I think. York. Nice.

You've written the whole think in installments like this one?