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A Line Has Been Drawn

Sunday, March 28th, 2021; with a stick, they drew a line in the sand.

The current time in Beijing 5:34 PM, Washington D.C. 5:34 AM, Moscow 12:34 PM.

Here are the latest numbers from Worldometer:

127,379,340 people have been infected around the globe with Covid-19.

2,790,905 have died from the disease. 102,664,457 have recovered. 3% death rate.

The rest are open cases awaiting an outcome.

President Biden addressing the press like Reagan in front of the Berlin Wall. “Take it from me, some of your grand-children are going to write Doctorial Thesis on if Democracy survived Autocracy.”

This as people continued to ask for handouts in favor of their consumer of data.

Great challenges face our country in the near future. Something as simple as bringing all public schools up to code could be the work of a generation.

We’ve believed ourselves to be vastly superior compared with other two countries playing for dominance of the globe. They are China and Russia of course. Both countries have more money and less connections. Only unlike Germany and Japan before the start of WWII they share a fresh water lake. Not to mention improved communications.

However, as Biden pointed out, they might not be interested in a military confrontation. Instead, they want to own the technology of the future and that’s where they’re putting their excess capital, while the United States has been forced to play global peace keeper.

BLM exposing the cracks in the armor. Not to mention the collapse of a radio telescope in South America that can only be replaced by a Chinese installation just built, making this new radio telescope, the center of a global radio telescope network that can be patched together through source links to become the most powerful observer of distant stars.

China and Russia, two powerful autocratic countries with America to gang up on as the world faces global instability from a Pandemic and economic ruin. These two countries enjoy cash reserves at this time that are controlled by these governments’ leader who does not worry about reelection. There’s no power sharing with corporate entities.

So can we survive this struggle for power on the global scene, or are we destined to become a third world country forever remembering what we could have been, if we didn’t have to pay for environmental sin, in the pursuit of a fast dollar no matter what the cost.

China and Russia developing clean energy that allows for the exploration of space and the colonization of other planets while saving our own.

America dreamed it, and did it on a limited scale that led to these other countries taking the idea and running with it since they had the cash on hand to make the deals of the 22nd Century.

It happens all the time in America. All across the country in small towns great ideas are shared that are put down. Only to be smuggled to New York where a brilliant marketing person goes public for more than a billion dollars. Now those people are having the same thing done to them by the Chinese and the Russians.

The Chinese with 20 cities larger than New York. All living peacefully with low crime.

The Russian mafia hitting from the other side.

America bleeding out.

We love the fight, only can we rebuild infrastructure with technology and the environment in mind?

Afraid not, areas around me devasted by wildfires only want to replace cheap housing with affordable housing using the same asbestos filled products now using a different name. Inefficient heating and cooling systems to resurrect a building to house low income tenants as soon as possible.

The Chinese and Russians would welcome an opportunity for a grand building design using the best solar technology combined with plants to improve the aesthetic vibes. It would be centered around public transportation and would become the new power in the area, with old city building responsibilities relocated to this next generation metropolis.

That’s because the will of autocracy cuts through red tape.

In America the old dogs continue to stay in place, while the landscape is rebuilt to mirror the rundown low income property it had been.

Great civilizations are great builders. Only to survive into the future the environment becomes the fourth dimension in construction. There is Hempcrete and the top Hemp growers in the nation being sidelined as if they’re only allowed to smoke it, and it doesn’t even get them high. Not to mention the risks involved because of its association with another plant.

Yet what can you do? Investments in companies promising to deliver on these ideals flounder. We are forced to continue polluting while being mocked in search of an alternative. Innovation is stifled.

My guess is that Democracy and Autocracy are still neck and neck. There’s still the world not just three countries. And even if the Autocrats win, they’ll have to fight again against each other while sabotage plagues supply lines.

So I’ll take it a step further, the winner is the opinion that leads to clean energy and space exploration. If we can create Mars in Earth’s image, then we should be able to repair our home planet and maintain it’s life systems or restore them after a meteor hits. Same for Venus.

Whoever does this best wins the future. And yet it also turns into the Global elite surviving a mass extinction of low income families that used to serve them and are then converted into machinery that serves the same function so that the sons and daughters of the survivors can enjoy their free time poolside on a planet of their choosing.

In this final scenario, China, America, and Russia can all claim to be winners.

From the Newsroom,
Cyrus Emerson

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